Friday, March 31, 2017

Utah: Pit bull which already attacked a dog previously now tries to rip family's Dachshund in half

UTAH -- Chris Conrad added 3 new photos to Facebook — feeling bummed.
March 27, 2017 at 11:46pm ·

My little 10-lb dachshund, Penny, was munched from behind by a pit bull.

Today was her second surgery. Very sad! I'm thankful for pain meds.

This was the dog's second attack on a small dog. 

It's been reported by the vet so we'll see what happens to the pit bull.

There was no warning, no growl, no bark , just teeth.

Lena Petrukhnova - Poor baby. I'm so so sorry Chris. This hurts my heart.

Heather Landry - Thank God she survived. Those are horrific injuries. 😢 It's just like a pit bull to attack without warning.

Lisa Padgett - I'm so sorry to see this. Please do not wait for anyone to do anything because it likely won't. You're likely going to have to fight for it. This dog will do this again. Once they start - it's usually game on.  :(

Legina Newman Boswell - This makes me angry. Twice? Get a gun and learn to shoot that beast.