Monday, April 3, 2017

Iowa: Ten Emaciated Horses Rescued From Warren County

IOWA -- The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is caring for 10 horses rescued in Warren County last week.

The ARL says the horses were taken from a property in New Virginia on Friday. They say the property was littered with junk and metal scraps.  The horses had taken to eating bark off of trees due to their lack of feed.

The owner has been identified as Paula Kay Redding.


The horses’ condition was described as “emaciated to very thin” by the ARL.  One horse had been wearing a halter for so long that it had become embedded in the horse’s skin.  Another halter had to be cut off a horse because it had been left on so long it wouldn’t unbuckle.

The horses are now in the care of the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch.  The ARL is asking for donations to help pay for care of the horses.

The Warren County Sheriff’s department is investigating the alleged neglect.  No charges have been filed.


Four more horses have been rescued from a property in Warren County, according to the ARL.


These horses were removed from a location near Indianola, a separate area from the rescue that took place on Friday in New Virginia.

The ARL reports these horses are in even worse condition than those from the New Virginia rescue.

(WHOTV - April 3, 2017)