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Tennessee: Iva Heisler wants her Mastiff back even after it attacked a woman, her mother, her child and their two dogs, killing their Husky

TENNESSEE -- A Chattanooga man expressed concerns Friday after a dog killed his dog with his young granddaughter nearby.

Rick Weber said it happened Tuesday afternoon when his wife and daughter were walking their two dogs and pushing his 5-month-old granddaughter in a baby stroller.

They were on Highland Drive, and passed a home (1248 Highland Drive) with an unleashed Mastiff sitting on the front porch.

“That [Mastiff] bolted from the porch, and it attacked our Siberian Husky / Malamute mix and mauled him to the point where he needed a leg amputation,” Weber said.

He said his 10-year-old dog named “Boomer” had to put down a day later, because of the injuries.

“One or more people exercised absolutely terrible judgment.  My granddaughter could’ve been mauled to death.  The next time my daughter wants to walk her baby through the neighborhood, how is she supposed to protect it?  Is she supposed to carry a baseball bat with her?,” Weber said.

Kathy Weber said she was on a walk with her daughter and her five-month-old granddaughter when the attack happened. She said she's just relieved her granddaughter was not hurt.

"It just came so out of the blue. We were just walking on a peaceful afternoon and suddenly this dog was tearing my dog apart, it was just horrifying," said Weber.

The owner of the killer dog, 82-year-old Iva F. Heisler, said her son gave her the 9-year-old Mastiff named “Dozier” a month ago.

Iva Heiser, the owner of the Mastiff named Dozier, tells Channel 3, her son gave her the dog four weeks ago. She said her son got Dozier to keep her company after her husband of 62 years died two months ago. The 87-year-old sits outside with the dog often, but said this is the first time he ran off.

She claims she’s never seen it act aggressive before.

According to Chattanooga city code, dogs must be contained to your property or be on a leash. If the owner is outside with the dog it has to be in control at all times. The law also requires a dog wear a leash on public streets, sidewalks, in parks and recreation areas.

Tiffany Newcomb, the Director of Animal Services at McKamey, said for that reason, the dog's owner was cited to court.

"A lot of attacks that we have and issues that we have are people that think that their dogs mind them very well, and that are always under their control. However, you never know what a dog is going to do," said Newcomb. "We issue citations depending on the nature of the attack. It could be for running at large which means it was not controlled on the owners property or on a leash, and potentially dangerous dogs. That involves any sort of attack on another animal or person."

Newcomb explained if a judge deems a dog as PDD (potentially dangerous dog), strenuous requirements could be placed on the dog owner, which means they have to have PDD tags. The dog also can't be kept in the invisible fence or kept outside on a chain. They have to be in a fence or inside the house.

“I’m sorry about his dog. I wouldn’t hurt his dog for nothing,” Heisler said.

Heisler said she doesn’t want the dog to be put down, but said if she’s allowed to keep it, it won’t be living with her.

Oh great, thanks Grandma. This is called NIMBY = "not in my backyard" where people like IVA HEISLER refuse to do the right thing and euthanize the vicious, killer dog and instead wants to dump it in some other neighborhood so it can attack and kill someone else's pet or maybe a child next time. She can say sorry all she wants but unless she puts the dog down she's not sorry.

However, Weber said he wants the dog gone for good.

“I’m trying to be calm about it, but I will be relentless in pushing to have the offending dog humanely put down,” Weber said.

McKamey is holding the dog that is blamed for the attack on court orders until the case can be heard on June 8.



Apparently her son Jeff Heisler of Hyde Moving Company gave her the dog. Why would you give an 82 year-old woman a dog this large and this old? Why not get her a Shih Tzu mix, a Beagle mix, a Poodle mix? Why a 140-lb Mastiff? Has it bitten anyone before? Has it attacked, killed livestock, pets before? What prior knowledge of its aggressive behavior did Jeff Heisler have before the Husky was attacked and killed?

Ripoff Report Complaint Review: Hyde Moving Co LLC

(WDEF - May 26, 2017)

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