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UPDATED - Louisiana: Retired racehorse named Dr. Drip earned his owners more than a quarter million dollars during his career. Three years after he was retired from racing, he dies after being starved. He was found covered in maggots, a walking skeleton. He was just 13 years old.

LOUISIANA -- There are demands for someone to be held accountable for a horse that went from champion to starved and neglected. This is an animal cruelty case like no other for the St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue.

"It was just sad. He had knots of blow flies this big, worms all over him and when you walk up to him you could smell him. I mean he was rotten. I've been fooling with horses all my life and I'm 70 years old and I've never seen anything like that before. I ain't never seen nothing like before. Never!," says Glenn Lejeune.

Dr. Drip was retired from racing just three years ago, his
last race was in 2014. This is what they've done to him
in just three years since he quit earning them money.

They rescued the horse from a field in Opelousas. It's work they're familiar with. Investigators are now trying to figure out who was responsible for the horse whose condition was beyond saving. He was just 13 years old.

"So he just laid his head down and we had our vet, and the horse vet, both here and they both agreed that to euthanize him was the kinder thing so I signed the papers to put him down," says Stacey McKnight.

Dr. Drip's case is being shared thousands of times online, and across the country. Stacey Mcknight and Glenn Lejeune are now leading the effort to hold someone accountable.


"What should happen to them is what happened to those horses is what should happen to them take something and burn that lip and see how that feel. Let them starve to death, you know ain't no sense in that, so the same thing they do to them horse should be done to them and a lot of this would stop," says Lejeune.

According to the online database Equibase, Dr. Drip raced between 2007 and 2014. He won more than $250,000 in purses during those years.

In just one race in February 2010, Dr. Drip earned his owners $24,000 by winning the Magnolia Stakes at Louisiana Downs in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Dr. Drip's last race was in 2014 so in just three short years, he was turned into a walking skeleton.

(KATC - June 22, 2017)

--- I LOVE THIS MAN!!! ---
Glenn is a no-nonsense, old-school, "tell it like it is" man
He reminds me of Clint Eastwood. He should run for office.

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Jeff Dorson, Director, Humane Society of Louisiana posted on Facebook June 23, 2017 ·

Breaking news from the Humane Society of Louisiana:

Update on the Dr. Drip equine abuse case. Memorial service scheduled for Wednesday, June 28th from 11: 30 - noon at the St. Landry Animal Control Shelter, located at 255 Hanger Rd., Opelousas, Louisiana. The mistreatment of Dr. Drip has generated international concern and interest.

Few animals have endured more suffering or abuse than this wonderful former racetrack champion. However, we intend to use his tragic suffering and death to bring attention to the horrors of animal abuse in our state and create something lasting and powerful.

Thousands of people have reached out to us, asking to help and expressing their sadness and heartache, and we fully intend to harness this collective energy to bring lasting change to our state. We are communicating with several law enforcement agencies to ensure that the person(s) responsible for this crime is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and is brought to justice.

If we experience any problems during this criminal investigation or with our enforcement or judicial systems, we will ask for your collective help in addressing any deficiencies. Over the weekend, we will also create a separate FB page that will act as a clearing house for pertinent information on this case and as a virtual memorial site, so that our thoughts for Dr. Drip can be recorded and saved.

Please join our efforts to make lasting change in Louisiana. We owe Dr. Drip no less. You can continue to support us at On behalf of Dr. Drip and all the other victims of abuse, we thank you for caring.

Debbie Mcallister - This just sickens me. If u can't feed them give them up don't make them suffer like this and starve, poor horses. So sad.

Db Roberts - He still had will power, fight, but even his physical body couldn't endure more. Was reported he nickered before laying his head in final rest, knowing he was then in loving hands and can finally rest.

May God bring justice for Dr. Drip and may it come swiftly to ALL responsible!
My heart aches for him and my tears continue to flow. RIP Dr. I'm so very sorry you had to endure all you've been thru, after giving your all to those you trusted.

Debra Stewart From the pics I can't believe that horse was alive. Worst case I've ever saw and the horse was still breathing. So sad


Lisa Gill Treuting - Anyone who passed this horse even once and did NOTHING should hang their heads in shame! I've called the rescue for horses who looked much better than this! How could anyone turn their back on this creature?

Cindi Hodnett - Why have we not heard of an arrest made in connection with this? He was on someone's land. Who is that someone???

Sandy Jaco - What kind of a person would let this happen???😡

Jamie Lawson Trahan - His name is Danny Lavergne from lake charles

Joanne Murphy - Both the stable and this Danny are guilty. This idea of "we trusted him" or Danny saying he boarded him somewhere, implying that he couldn't have known.. Even if some other third party committed the abuse, the responsibility for that horse is still theirs.

Mindy Bell - i hope in his last moments he was told he was beautiful and strong and were sorry he was treated like this and hugged and patted and told he was loved untill his final sleep


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St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

We demand the St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney and Parish President pursue felony aggravated animal cruelty charges against the person or persons responsible for the abuse and torture of champion racehorse, Dr Drip.

This case must be be investigated by detectives from St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department as well as the St Landry Parish Animal Control.  We also strongly urge the courts to deliver maximum sentencing for felony charges.

Cruelty of this magnitude must be fully investigated, prosecuted and punished.  
On Tuesday June 20, 2017 the St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control responded to an animal cruelty complaint.  The sheriff’s department took swift action and seized the equine.


The equine, now known to be Dr Drip, a champion racehorse, was in horrific condition.  Not only had he been starved to death, he was also suffering from burns down his entire back.

As if that was not enough, Dr Drip’s flesh, open wounds and exposed bones were infested with maggots, to the point that witnesses could hear the maggots crunching and feasting on his flesh and bone.  


Dr Drip's vertebrae was fully exposed in several sections in what appear to be “saddle sores” indicating he had been ridden in this condition.

On the Morning of June 21, 2017 Dr Drip went down and when urged to get up, his rotting flesh slid off his body.  The pain he suffered in the hands of his abusers is unimaginable.  Though he had the will to live, his body could not match his will to live. Dr Drip's shell of a body surrendered that will and he had to be euthanized. 

The persons responsible for this heinous and deliberate act of aggravated animal cruelty must face justice.

Thank You for your attention to this case, we look forward to a full investigation by post-certified law enforcement officials and an arrest under the Louisiana aggravated cruelty to animal statutes and full prosecution followed by maximum sentencing.

This petition will be delivered to St. Landry Parish Officials:

District Attorney Earl Taylor
Parish President Bill H Fontenot
St Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz
Attorney General Jeff Landry


JUNE 28, 2017 UPDATE:
I was going to create a new post but decided to just add to this original one because people may be coming to this one first. Some new developments - some good, some bad. 

The good news first: an arrest has been made in what I call the 'torture death' of Dr. Drip. 

KATC - June 27, 2017

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's office arrested an 18-year-old for the alleged abuse of a retired race horse.

Dr. Drip was rescued last week from a field in Opelousas after an anonymous tip alerted the St. Landry Parish Animal Control to the neglected horse. The 13-year-old champion race horse had to be euthanized due to his condition.   

Animal Control began their investigation obtaining statements from the parties involved,and the case was found to be a felony criminal act.  The case was then turned over to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Detectives Section, and two investigators were assigned.  

Dr. Drip was a former Louisiana state champion and winner of more than 60 races and purses of more than $253,000. He was discovered by parish authorities near death from abuse and neglect. The St. Landry Animal Control Department received a call of a horse in very poor condition on June 20. 

The horse was lying down, at the time he was discovered, and could not get up.  He was covered with flies, maggots, open sores and was completely emaciated, said Jeff Dorson, Humane Society of Louisiana Director.

The next day, however, Dr. Drip  could not stand up, said the director. The attending veterinarian from Acadiana Veterinary Clinic and a second veterinarian who was on site, discovered that hundreds, possibly thousands of maggots had burrowed under Dr. Drip's skin and flesh and were literally eating him alive, added Dorson.

Someone had also poured battery acid on his withers and across his spine, stated Dorson.  Abscesses covered his his mouth. By this time, his breathing was labored and he was coughing up blood. The decision was made, based on his extensive, debilitated condition, to euthanize  Dr. Drip, said Dorson.

Detectives learned the horse had changed hands many times and began their interviews, according to Major Eddie Thibodeaux, spokesman for the sheriff's office. 

The horse was purchased by the lease owner of the land from another person who was given the horse by the original owner. Detectives were informed that the horse was purchased by the caretaker of the land for Jermaine Doucet Jr. and he did agree to allow Jermaine's horse to be housed on the land.

Doucet was interviewed at the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office on Monday and did not submit an official statement, but he allegedly said that he did in fact own the horse, stated Thibodeaux. He was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to an animal. Bond was set at $5,000.

This is confusing. So Dr. Drip, after he was retired from racing in 2014, was sold by #1 - the original owner. Then he was "given" to owner #2. Then Dr. Drip was sold to owner #3 - the "lease owner of the land". But then they say that the "caretaker" purchased Dr. Drip and let Jermaine Doucet Jr keep it there. Well, why would he let Jermaine keep Dr. Drip there if he (the caretaker) was the owner of Dr. Drip? And then they say Doucet Jr. claims Dr. Drip is his... Really? Or is he taking the fall for it because he's only 18?

"We will conduct criminal investigations on any and all reports of animal abuse we receive from Parish animal control that violates state statutes if there is no scene contamination and evidence destruction," said Sheriff Bobby Guidroz. "The evidence I speak of is the evidence we need to gather among other things, is the evidence the district attorney needs to prosecute the person (s) responsible for the abuse, mistreatment and criminal acts of the animal." 

A memorial service for Dr. Drip will be held at the St. Landry Animal Control Shelter, 255 Hanger Road, Opelousas Wednesday, June 28, 11: 30 a.m. - noon.

OK so there's an arrest. That's good news. Now for the bad news. 

The Facebook group page called Justice for Horses has a lot of links and comments. One of the most disturbing is that it's being said that no necropsy was performed on Dr. Drip and that his poor, battered body was simply taken to a landfill and dumped (or possibly dumped in a hole on the property he died on). 

A necropsy is required for criminal cases involving dead animals. You have to determine what he died from and how long it took for him to get in this condition and how long he suffered. If you don't do this, the defense can make all sorts of claims: that Dr. Drip had cancer and they loved him so much they couldn't bear to put him down. They can claim someone disliked them so they snuck over and poisoned Dr. Drip and it's not their fault. Remember, it's the burden of the state to PROVE that he was neglected and scalded to death. The defense only has to put some doubt into one juror's mind that, "Well yeah the horse suffered but they meant well. They didn't purposely do this to him." All it takes is one juror out of 12 to make a hung jury (mistrial). 

I certainly hope this isn't true (that they didn't get a necropsy). I saw a video on Justice for Horses where officials were somewhat complaining about having limited funds. 

Animals are abused all over the United States, every single day. I can't even keep up with them all on this blog b/c there are so many and often I have to pick and choose which get posted b/c I just don't have time to list them all. Most of these cases get a bit of attention (there are 100,000s more that never get any media attention). DR. DRIP'S CASE GRABBED HEADLINES AND IMMEDIATELY GOT ANIMAL LOVERS ENRAGED AND WANTING JUSTICE. If they'd simply asked for money, they'd have had whatever they needed within a couple hours, I'm sure of it. There are also many large organizations with deep pockets (ALDF, HSUS, ASPCA) that often hand over large sums of money. I mean, they were announcing a memorial for Dr. Drip -- that should have told them how much interest there was in this poor, battered little racehorse. That alone should have told someone with an ounce of compassion that to toss his poor body onto the garbage at the landfill is not acceptable.


Some of the Facebook comments: 

You can't ask too many questions because once you do they block you I'm now blocked off their page again for the second time bunch of hypocrites

Oh I forgot the sheriff said and I quote I just arrest them I'm not the one who sentences them these guys don't give two s**** about animals

And what about the 5 teenagers that's stole 3 horses from the auction beat the s*** out of them drug and behind their vehicles and left him in the ditch to die the sheriff didn't do jack s*** in fact they got probation nothing was done to them the guy is full of s***

All I can say is that change happens slowly - even more so in the South. Just as it used to be that law enforcement didn't think a husband could rape his wife or that domestic violence should be prosecuted ("Why don't you just leave him then? What do you want us to do about it?"), animal laws are slowly changing due to the outcry from people who say this is not right, do something!  

I remember in the 1980s when the issue of animal testing in labs first really was exposed. Spraying bug spray in a rabbit's eyes causing torturous pain and blindness just so they can put on the can of Raid "Do not spay in eyes, may cause blindness"??? Dr. Drip's death is not the end... it's just the beginning of change.

*  *  *  *  *  *  


Apr 12, 1995
Rape charges were filed on a 17-year-old Opelousas man Monday in connection with the sexual assault of an 11-year-old juvenile. 

Arrested was Jermaine Doucet, 17, of 1167 McCarthy Lane, A-2, Opelousas, charged with aggravated rape. "We received a report on Monday the 10th from the victim's mother, who advised that her 11-year-old daughter had come to her and told her that she had been sexually assaulted by the suspect," said Lt. Ronnie Trahan of the Opelousas Police Department. "Apparently, the young man lives in same apartment complex as the victim and her mother." Trahan said the incident allegedly occurred in January, but the young girl chose to wait until now to come forward. According to the report, on the night of Jan. 22, the suspect knocked on child's window sometime around midnight. "When the child opened the window," Trahan said, "the guy asked where her mother was, and she (the victim) said her mother was in another room. "She said she then left the room and went to restroom," Trahan continued. "When she came back, ;he was in her room and instructed her to remove her clothing." At that point, Trahan said, the suspect allegedly attempted to have sexual intercourse with the victim. "The child started crying and advised the man he was hurting her." The lieutenant said the suspect then reportedly heard a noise and fled through the window. Under Louisiana Law, the act of rape is considered to be of an aggravated nature if the victim is under 12 years of age, the lieutenant added. 

Jermaine Doucet, 24, of 1333 Hwy. 749, Opelousas, LA, pled guilty to simple possession of marijuana.  He was ordered to pay $250 or spend thirty days in the parish jail.  Also, he was sentenced to ninety days in the parish jail which was suspended and was placed on two years unsupervised probation.

Opelousas Daily Arrest Report
Jermaine Doucet, 35, 923 W. Grolee Street, Opelousas
1)Domestic Abuse Battery 
2)Aggravated Assault 
3)Simple Battery 
4)Two counts of Theft

KATC - Dec 22, 2014

The St. Landry Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team (N.E.T.) says 37-year-old Jermaine Doucet and 32-year-old Bryant Fields were selling high grade “Hydro” marijuana out of "T&E Soul Food and Sno-Balls" on S. Bullard Street.  The business was also located within two separate drug-free school zones. 

Jermaine D. Doucet was charged with: Possession of Schedule 1 C.D.S. marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Transaction Involving Proceeds from Drug Offenses; Violation of a Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance within a Drug Free Zone. He has been released on an undisclosed bond and is awaiting trial. Additional charges could come. 

Apparently he's still the owner of T&E Soul Food and Sno-Balls


Name: Jermaine Doucet
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Birthdate: 09-05-1977
Arrest age: 37
Location: Rapides, Louisiana
Charge: Unknown

Name: Jermaine Dwayne Doucet
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Birthdate: 09/05/1977
Arrest age: 38
Booked Date
Feb. 19, 2016
Booked By
Ouachita Parish County Sheriff's Office
Probation violation


  1. Someone should be hired to collect restitution. Crimes unpunished are not considered crimes at all. Is this the life this 13 year old earned? Someone abused this animal so it could be put down. Isn't that murder? Some believe that God gave man and woman one job. To care for all they were given dominion over. Doesn't that include justice?


  2. A racehorse that retires at 10 has had an EXTREMELY LONG career. Horses that have raced that long are often called War Horses. They have huge 'heart', the will to keep trying, no matter how sore or tired they are. This is probably what kept this poor guy alive so long after he was neglected and starved for years. Too bad he wasn't discovered in time to save him.
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  3. The original owners who profited off of him are to blame... he earned a decent retirement. Who are they?

    1. Absolutely!! What of uneppreciative selfish horrible POS.. if Dr Drip was my horse i would it workshipped and adored for its entire life for all the years of dedication and winnings . When are we going to stop thinking we are abive everything and every fod creatures.

  4. This poor horse suffered at the hands of so many humans. They are ALL to blame. RIP, Dr. Drip.

  5. Omg so so shameful hope they rot in Prison just like they let that poor horse.. Devils

  6. Im kind of upset they euthanized him. It sounds like a money issue as his injuries were treatable. He was young...he deserved help healing. To die like this?

    1. There was no way they could heal him. His flesh was peeling off and some of his vertebrae were exposed. If it was just a burn from the acid, maybe. But otherwise no way. He was so malnourished that his body couldn't repair itself. It would have been great if he could have been healed but the likelihood of him recovering from so much abuse and torture would have been 0.

  7. One of the people they need to go after is the jockey who kept him after he retired. He agreed in a contract that he would return the horse if he couldn't keep it. This is where this neglect and abuse started.

    1. Great question. Who are they and how do we find out?

    2. So, original owner is Anthony Arey at based in Louisiana and retired jockey as of 2014 is Danny j. Lavergine. Hope to pass message on for people looking into doing business with Anthony Arey stables. Second owner don't know. Reply if u need to.

  8. Who were the original owners and the jockey for the horse after he retired. Accountability extends beyond the final abuser.

  9. this is so bad when human beings do this to a good looking horse and than starve him like like they did its very shamefull that horse sufferd like that nobody cared or checked on him when everybody just forgotton him untill he had to be put down than everybody comes around that horse should never been like that all fucked up by maggots and worms that poor horse with like that for a very long time bet he did these people owners should pay the price and the pipper they should never be around animales again none not even dogs or cats they should pay high price for what they did to dr drip not 5ooo thousand mean 1 ooooo million dallars esach and never be around another animale again not even a mouse they should pay for doing that to that good nice living horse mr dr drip he never should went thier all of that shit thats all bull shit what they done to him not feeding him plus him living in bad place in mud mr dr drip will get his justis god will get those people in time what goes around comes around like the bibble says tooth for a tooth an eye for an eye when they die they got to face god /??????????? r i p mr dr drip rest in peace we all loved you all human beings aint the same way but now your gone hope something will change or get done about people abusing animales and horses this need to stop miss you mr dr drip your with jesus and god bet your running and the wind is blowing thier your main and drinking freash still waters running thier the green grass and playing no more pain no suffering no more people abusing you go run mr drip run run boy play and roll over in that green grass your free at last rest in peace my friend now you wont be forgotton your miracle came to you and you waited for it and it happen you wanted to be loved and be no more suffering before you died ??now your sleeping and at peace good bye my friend jesus is waiting for you to come home

  10. I don't know WHO is actually guilty,but couldn't SOME stupid moron have fed the horse??! So its comin' outta your pocket. So what?!? Couldn't you do it for the horse's sake? And WTF is up w/ his injuries?? Do the same to the subhuman @$$hole that did it to him! I've got NOOO sympathy! I live in my car, but by damn my critters are fed. Better'n me most of the time! Fuck all of them. I hope they ROT!

  11. Just do the proper and right thing. Charge this black idiot. Fine the shot out of him. And, give prison time. Shame on this N...!

  12. Just do the proper and right thing. Charge this black idiot. Fine the shot out of him. And, give prison time. Shame on this N...!

  13. Just do the proper and right thing. Charge this black idiot. Fine the shot out of him. And, give prison time. Shame on this N...!

  14. High quality shoes and stacks of cash on his Facebook but he couldn't care for his horse? He was blessed with a beautiful champion. So he starves it, gives it no water or shelter, beats it, pours FUCKING BATTERY ACID all over him and as the champion's flesh is rotting away so bad it exposes the bones on his spine...the little fucker throws a saddle on him and rides him to cause him more pain. I'm a Christian, but I swear to God people like this make me feel like committing justifiable homicide. Wait til judgement day you little asshole and any of your thug ass pos buddies that were involved in killing this magnificent creature. I will be sitting in the front row eating popcorn and cheering when they send you to hell.