Friday, June 16, 2017

United Kingdom: Aaron Wildey, 35, banned from owning dogs for five years. His vicious dog is spared, ordered to be "rehomed" so it can attack someone else

United Kingdom -- A man has been banned from keeping dogs after one of his pets injured a woman in a “horrific” attack.

Aaron Lee Wildey, 35, was handed a five-year canine disqualification at Carlisle Crown Court today (FRI).

He was sentenced having previously admitted being the owner of a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) which, while dangerously out of control, injured Lisa Fell. This followed an incident at Manor Place in Carlisle on September 11.

The court heard Ms Fell was walking her dogs when Wildey’s pet, Titan, bit her, causing a leg wound which needed stitches.

Wildey was said to have a similar previous conviction, another of his dogs having bit a child in 2015.

For his latest offence he received a suspended seven-month jail term with unpaid work, and must pay Ms Fell £1,000 compensation.

Titan must be re-homed, the court heard, but was made subject to an order imposing strict conditions on keeping it under control.

Put the dog to sleep. Bad judge tag for this. Why send it somewhere else so someone else can be attacked? There are millions of perfectly friendly dogs euthanized every year; give them a chance at getting adopted. 

Judge Peter Hughes QC told Wildey, of Manor Place, Carlisle, his dog’s attack was “really quite horrific”.

(Cumbria Crack - June 16, 2017)