Monday, June 26, 2017

Florida: Dog named Einstein mauled by Pit Bull. Surprise, surprise "the owner of the pit bull does not accept any responsibility".

FLORIDA -- My dog Einstein was attacked by a pit bull while I was walking him on a leash in my neighborhood on June 25, 2017.

He was rushed to an emergency animal clinic and received surgery to repair serious injury to his hip and body. He currently has a drain tube to remove fluids while severe bruising causes swelling. His skin may or may not heal completely, and infection and tissue necrosis may happen due to the lack of blood flow from the skin being ripped.


At at this point finances are a problem because I am unemployed in the summer and the owner of the pit bull does not accept any responsibility. He does have to go to court because we are prosecuting. However, to get him to pay for my dog's medical care is unlikely.

First I will have to file a claim in small claims court. Secondly, even if he is found responsible for the bill, it will be up to me to get him to pay. I get the feeling he's not going to. However, if I do get a payment from him someday, I promise to donate any money received from Gofundme to an animal charity.

I know now a lot of my friends care but may not be able to pitch anything in. Your get well wishes are more important. Thanks everyone.

Update 1
Oh ny gosh, thank you! Goal was met today. I am forever grateful. Einstein and I thank you. We go back to vet tomorrow. I'm going to keep this page up for a week or so just to give updates on how he's mending. Love you all. Beautiful reminder to me that together we can do what we can't do alone. Einstein says he's beholding to you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Update 2
Quick update: Einstein is slowly getting better. Swelling has gone down. Still a lot of oozing but no infection. Eating, drinking well. Potty is still an issue, but improving. I have to carry him outside. Thanks for all your love and concern, everyone, and thank you to everyone who sent money. We are blessed with friends and strangers alike who care and want to help. We met our fund raising goal and thankfully we can pay for his visits, medication, and any treatments his wound may need. I want to get a soft neck cone instead of the long hard one he has to wear, but I'm waiting till his tube comes out because he is really good at reaching his lower body with a shorter cone. He's got a long, limber torso. ❤️

Update 3
Good day for Einstein. Vet thought he is doing better at our appointment. He started getting a super antibiotic last night, in addition to the one he is already getting 2 times a day. This one seems to be more specific to the nasty germs from the other dog's bite. I promise to keep sharing updates.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out. The encouragement helped me through the week. I think it helped Einstein too. All the good vibes, positive thoughts, prayers, support, and love just drift across the distance and lift us up. We go back to vet tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how he's doing tomorrow. I think he will be continuing to get better. Love, Liz and Einstein.

Update 4
Hi everybody! What's all this fuss about? I feel great today. Mom and dad had to make me stop jumping off the bed to hang out with my brother Jack. I don't know why they won't let me. I feel good. I hate this headgear thing, though. I hope it's gone soon. The dog-ter put this on me because the first one wasn't big enough to keep me from chewing on my bandages. Oh well, shucks.

GoFundMe: Einstein's Vet Bill
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