Saturday, April 1, 2017

Texas: Henderson County has been trying to euthanize 3 pit bulls, which mauled a man, for 2 years

TEXAS -- Two years ago, David Hayes' three pit bulls were seized by authorities after a man was found lying in a ditch, severely mauled. 

In 2016, the court ordered that the three dogs, which had been held at the shelter since the attack, be euthanized. 

County taxpayers were on the hook for paying the $20,000+ fees to the shelter because the owner claims he's indigent and refused to surrender the dogs to be euthanized.

It appears that the case is still not over. An attorney posted this on his Facebook page:

"David Hayes appeals an order directing the animal control officer with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office to humanely destroy three dogs pursuant to Chapter 822 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. In one issue, Hayes claims the trial court committed reversible error by denying him a jury trial. We reverse and remand." - Tyler Court of Appeals