Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wisconsin: Woman's Maltese mix mauled to death by two Pit Bulls

WISCONSIN -- Cynthia Kubis and her Maltese mix, Marley, came together at the Wisconsin Humane Society eight years ago.

They were separated Monday after a violent mauling on the city's northwest side when two dogs that she and police described as pit bulls escaped from a yard and attacked Marley.

"Of course my dog starts to bark and one of them grabbed her head in their mouth and started shaking her like a rag doll," Kubis recalled of the attack near North 64th Street and West Moltke Avenue.

Despite blows from Kubis and witnesses, the attack didn't stop until the pit bull owner appeared, grabbed his animals by the scruff and dragged them back home.

The mauling left Kubis battered and bruised, but Marley fared far worse, with bite marks all over her small body. Ultimately, she had to be put down.

Milwaukee police said the owner was cited, but Kubis thinks there should be more accountability.

"I want the dogs put down," she said. "I've called the city."

Kubis said an investigator is looking into the attack, which came just two days after a similar attack in West Allis.

In that case, a dog owner shot dead two dogs that were attacking his 1-year-old pup.

I have posted several stories of men who shoot attacking dogs. I don't recall one story where it was a woman who did this -- correction, actually I was able to find ONE story where a woman used a firearm to shoot an attacking dog ("I got the gun out and went in the backyard and took two shots, I knew I didn't have much time with the way they had her down."). Unfortunately, it seems women don't or won't take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their pets. 

I'm talking about knives, too. There are multiple stories where men pull out a knife and stab an attacking dog. I don't recall any stories of women stabbing dogs that are attacking their pets. 

I'm not trying to single out this poor lady, but look at her. She's the kind of nice, good-hearted person who would bake banana bread for a sick neighbor. But look at her little dog's face. You - the owner - have a duty to protect these little guys. You can't be a lamb when there are lions running around, looking to kill. Remember the Disney cartoon Lambert the Sheepish Lion? How he became a 'real lion' at the end to chase away the wolf which had grabbed his mama, the sheep?

It's frustrating to see this happen over and over and over again. Vicious dogs will always be among us. Irresponsible owners won't change. Therefore, women need to be the ones to change - to protect themselves, their children and their pets. 

(WISN - March 7, 2018)


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