Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pennsylvania: After a loose Pit Bull jumps into a minivan and mauls two children, ages 2 and 5, while they're strapped into their car seats, Jason Haner asks if they provoked the dog and then blames their mother. Kevin Sterner chimes in to say " Just because they were in a car seat doesn't mean anything"

PENNSYLVANIA -- Katelyn Smith - WGAL News 8 posted on Facebook:

"Police say pit bull is in kennel at owner’s home. The dog will stay in quarantine until 6/30 & the owner has agreed to euthanize the dog.

"Lancaster Police say 2yr old attacked by pit bull expected to come home from hospital today. 5yr old still in ICU in serious condition."

This simple post began a comment thread involving Jason Haner and Kevin Sterner who manage to put the blame on not just a 2-year-old and 5-year-old strapped in their car seats, but also their mother for not shutting the minivan's door before this random, loose Pit Bull jumped inside and began mauling the children. 

Kevin also says that just because the little kids were strapped into their cars seats doesn't mean they didn't "provoke" the Pit Bull into breaking down a fence, getting loose, running over and attacking them. 

And, oh yeah, Jason tells us he know someone who has a Pit Bull and it's "never attacked anyone". 

Well OK, then... clearly Jason missed my numerous posts of people who've been mauled by their Pitties or their children have been mauled by their wigglebutt who claimed to have raised it from a puppy with love inside the house with other pets and children climbing all over it, but for some reason it decided to kill them one day. Do I need to post these links again? I guess so (see bottom).

Jason Haner - Did the dog just attack them or were they tormenting it?

Lauren Marie - Well the 2 kids were secured In car seats in a van so I'm guessing they weren't tormenting it.

Kevin Sterner - Just because they were in a car seat doesn't mean anything. Kids can be punks these days in or out of a car seat. Exactly why I have video camera up of my property. Already had kids tormenting my dogs from my yard and blaming the dog for coming after it

Sara Zilm - Are you an idiot or just real stupid?

Zilly Zilm - Yes I agree. He must be a special kind of stupid

Jason Haner Actually,kids do torment dogs around here.I was just wondering if they werent telling the whole story.Sounds kind of strange that a dog would just somehow jump into a van and attack kids for no reason.

Sara Zilm - Jason Haner pitbulls do that type of thing.

Kevin Sterner - You'll never know how amazing it is to own a pitbull unless you have one. Pitbull isn't the problem it's the owners of the dogs.

Jason Haner - My friends have them,they were treated well since they were pups and they never attacked anyone.

Nicolle Hartman Bender - The kids were strapped in their car seats. They are 2 and 5. They were being kids. The dog broke through a fence and jumped in their minivan. This was no ones fault but the dog.

Jason Haner - Where was the mother?? couldnt she have closed the door before the dog even got to the van?

Lori Janusky - Jason why was the dog loose ? couldn't the owner get it before it mauled these children? Nice victim blaming.


Just for Kevin, because he doesn't believe a Pit Bull will attack for "no reason", here are some links that show that this is their M.O. They do attack and owners, including children, are left horribly injured and wondering why their beloved dog attacked them: