Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Georgia: “My kids have grown up with them. They’ve never done anything like this" says mother of little girl mauled by the family's pit bulls

GEORGIA -- A 5-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital Tuesday afternoon after she was bitten multiple times by the family’s dogs inside a home at the 4100 block of Brown Bridge Road.

Hall County Animal Control Director Mike Ledford said the girl, Kadence Johnson, was conscious and responsive when she was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.

From there, she was flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, according to Capt. Zachary Brackett, spokesman for Hall County Fire Services.

Kadence’s mother Jessica Johnson said the girl walked out through the back door toward the pit bulls.

When Kadence's father went to get what he thought was the doll, he made the discovery.

"It was actually Kadence.  She turned over (and) looked at him and said, 'I'm hurt really bad daddy.  Can you help me,'" Tiffany Beloin said.  "He picked her up and ran inside screaming, 'call 911.'  My sister called 911, and they (rescuers) responded within minutes from what I understand," Beloin said.


“My kids have grown up with them,” Jessica Johnson said. “They’ve never done anything like this.”

Jessica Johnson said Kadence had injuries all over her face and neck, and the 5-year-old will need more surgeries.

Ledford said three dogs — described as pit bull-mix breed — were taken away by Animal Control.

Beloin said the dogs included an adult female and two others less than a year old.  Beloin said the adult dog used to belong to her and had been through training classes.

"From what I understand, they don't believe she was involved in it.  Kadence at first said she wasn't, and now said she was, so we're not really sure," Beloin said.

She said the family had the other dogs since they were six-to-eight weeks old, and that Kadence had played with all three on a daily basis.

“Everybody’s upset and in shock, but we’re hoping for the best,” Jessica Johnson said.

Investigators spent more than an hour looking and photographing areas outside the home’s chain-link fence.

The case remains under investigation by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control, according to sheriff’s spokesman Scott Ware. He said charges, if any, are pending further investigation.

Ware said sheriff’s deputies notified the Division of Family and Children Services of the incident.

GoFundMe: Please help my niece, Kadence.
Created April 4, 2017
Tiffany Shawn Beloin
on behalf of Jessica Johnson

I'm Tiffany. My five year old niece, Kadence, was the victim of a dog attack earlier today.

The dogs that attacked her were family pets and have never shown signs of aggression before. Unfortunately, that changed today. We don't know why they attacked, but Kadence walked out the back door and was attacked by dogs she loved and trusted.

All dogs have been euthanized, but poor Kadence has been life flighted to Scottish Rite and is in plastic surgery now. Her head, face, and ear seemed to get the most of the attack.

My brother in law, Andy, is the sole provider for the family and will obviously be missing work as we don't know how long this road to recovery will take. My sister, Jessica, is a stay at home mother. Any and all help and prayers are appreciated. Kadence is a beautiful, sassy little girl full of life and she is a fighter. But right now, she needs all the help she can get.

Any and all funds donated will go to medical treatment as well as every day living expenses for the family while they stay by her side during recovery. They also have two other children...Landon is 9 and Kaegan is 13. Thank you in advance. I will post updates periodically.

Update 1
We are out of surgery. I'm sure there will be many more. Kadence is finally getting something to drink and hopefully her pain meds will help her rest tonight. She's not out of the woods as she is at very high risk of infections. But she's a fighter. And we will fight with her till the very end.

Update 2
Princess Kadence is playing with all her new toys this morning. She wants a mini pig and a trampoline when she gets home. She asked to see her cousin, Haiden, and get siblings today so that's what she got!!!

Update 3
Nurses brought Sofia legos

(Forsyth News - April 4, 2017)

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