Saturday, August 6, 2016

Michigan: Woman asks for help with vet bills for her miniature donkey after two pit bulls attacked and killed her livestock animals

MICHIGAN -- At approximately 9 pm this was done to Cherry Pie our miniature donkey at BIG HEAD FARMS on Pier Rd in Riverside this evening.


Two pit bulls tore the fencing off the barn and went in...killing several chickens and ducks....Cherry Pie tried her best to best to protect her herd... I have transported her to vet to get her stabilized and we will be heading down to pick her up and transport her to MSU yet tonight...

state police and Berrien County animal control shot and killed one pit bull and the other fled....both wearing collars....the one on the loose is a white or cream color with light brown patchy spots on sides.....

PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY INFORMATION ON WHO MAY OWN THESE DOGS!! The dog that was shot had on a red collar that had KONG on all grey very stocky female.....A huge thank you to Michigan State Police and Berrien County animal control for their quick response time and being able to kill one of them! ! ! ! ! !


UPDATE : Cherry Pie is at MSU and going to pull thru this tragedy. She has a long road ahead of her but WILL heal...The Urethra is functioning and has many cuts and abrasions as seen in photos....some sutured and some left that will have to heal on their own...

Berrien County animal control is here making a full report and going door to door to find the owner of the two dogs. They killed four of my hens, one Peking duck, one baby Peking duck and our little Dean, one of my Muskovy male ducks. May they all rest in peace-I love you babies and I'm SO sorry that I wasn't able to keep you safe.

.... we will keep you updated. PLEASE PLEASE even a penny will help with her cost on cherry pies GO FUND ME... thank you so much for all of your prayers and wishes thru out

Click for GoFundMe page for Cherry Pie's medical bills

UPDATE: Berrien County animal control stopped by and informed me that they have the second dog that attacked in custody. It will be quarantined for 10 days. The owner has been identified and the dog will face a judge to determine if it if considered dangerous.

(Facebook - Aug 5, 2016)


  1. The farmer is my cousin and you changed her quotes! Anywhere she said "dog" you changed the words to "pit bull". She has been notified that you changed her story.

    1. You're telling your cousin.... telling her what?? If the word 'dog' was changed to 'pit bull', it is because on another media site, the dogs were identified as pit bulls. I'm trying to help her get donations for her donkey's vet bills. Go away.