Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Indiana: Woman's beloved dog named Fred attacked and killed in her own backyard by neighbor's pit bull

INDIANA -- My dog Fred was killed by a pit bull in my own back yard.I miss him so very much.But you know what I have prayed to God help me found the dog did this to Fred. And god answered my prayer.

I went looking for the dog and I found it today with God help.It wasn't me that found my dogs killer it God. God show me where to go and I did there is a guy that seen the man come in my back yard and get his pit bull and he has lot of them.

So I think my God for helping me out he is always with me and I know it.And I think my God for helping me.

I love you Fred and always will miss you you went to see Duck now both of you are together once again

Sue Freeman - Deb I hope you called the dog pound to get the pit bull off the streets. I had a great niece got bit a few months ago and it bit her in the throat she died on the doctors and they worked on her and got her back. They said she probably wouldn't be able to talk again. But the Lord stepped in and she is really good and a miracle. It didn't happen here but them dogs are horrible dogs. Be careful

Debra Loyo - yes i called the cops the day it happen and now i found the dog who did it and yes its mean it was trying to get to me so i called the cops today the dog catcher is going to there and i found a person who seen what happen he is filling out paper on what he seen this dog will be gone i hope today

Sue Freeman - Hopefully