Thursday, November 17, 2016

Oklahoma: Woman taking a walk in her neighborhood is mauled by two pit bulls. Police shot both dogs, killing one, but they're still searching for the 2nd one

OKLAHOMA -- A woman is recovering in a Tulsa hospital after she was attacked by two dogs.

Osage County deputies say the attack happened around noon Sunday in a neighborhood near Burton Lane and Beverly Boulevard near Skiatook Lake, a beautiful area where neighbors and families are often seen walking or bicycling and enjoying the views.


Deputies say the woman was walking when two pit bulls chased, attacked and mauled her.

A neighbor driving by found the woman holding on to a tree and screaming for help. The two pit bulls were attacking her and tugging her, trying to get her to leg go of the tree so they could drag her away.

The victim was found holding on to one of these trees
screaming for help while the pit bulls were attacking
her and trying to pull her loose to drag her away

The woman tried to hit the dogs with her vehicle, which didn't work, but it gave  the victim enough time to jump into the woman's car.

Deputies say this neighbor saved the woman's life. The victim was in surgery for several hours and is expected to survive, but will have to have multiple skin grafts (and months and months of therapy and maybe permanent disability).


Deputies took these photos of the pit bulls right before they tried to attack them. Two deputies shot the pit bulls when the dogs tried to attack them. In one of the photos, you can see where they blurred out blood on the dog's shoulder - blood from either the victim or the pit bull. 

The tan pit bull was killed on scene and an injured gray pit bull ran off.

Deputies spent part of Monday morning back on the scene searching for the dog that ran off.

So far, deputies say no one has claimed ownership of the pit bulls.

The dead pit bull's head will be shipped off to be tested for rabies. However, if they cannot find the injured/dead 2nd pit bull, the victim will need to get rabies shots.

Deputies say there is no leash law or ordinance in Osage County.

So, if and when they find the dogs' owner, they will attempt to file charges and present the case to the district attorney, who then will decide if the owner will be charged.

There may not be a "leash law" in the county but there is probably a state law in Oklahoma regarding being criminally charged when your dogs attack and/or kill someone. 

(Fox 23 - Nov 14, 2016)

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