Thursday, November 17, 2016

South Africa: Owner of pit bull which went on a rampage attacking several dogs hides dog from authorities

SOUTH AFRICA -- An American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier which is said to have attacked several dogs on the Sea Point promenade, is "in rehab".

The City of Cape Town is apparently looking for the dog, but hasn't been able to track it down, Netwerk24 reported.

That is after the dog, belonging to Advocate Francoise Lempereur, attacked Shaun Hoddy's French Bulldog, Pablo, and his Boston Terrier, Peggy.

Hoddy claimed that Lempereur's dog was not on a leash at the time.

He said his dogs had bite marks and he was traumatised after the incident.

Lempereur just walked away after the attack and he had to follow her to speak to her, he said.

"I went to a street café after the attack and burst into tears. I was very traumatised. Several other people said they'd also had a run-in with Lempereur and her dog."


Hoddy described Lempereur's failure to try and stop the attacks as "despicable".

After Hoddy shared news of the incident on Facebook, several people came forward with reports of similar experiences.

Hoddy said Lempereur had "tried" to apologise, but he wasn't having any of that.

Lempereur confirmed on Wednesday that she didn't have the dog anymore and that she and Hoddy were involved in settlement negotiations. Hoddy also confirmed that there would be mediation.

JP Smith, City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for safety and security, said they hadn't been able to trace Lempereur's dog.

"The City of Cape Town tried to gain access to the dog but hasn't been able to do so. The dog has not been confiscated, but we have been informed by legal representatives of the owner that the dog has been taken to a rehabilitation centre," Smith said.

"However, the case is still being investigated to make sure the dog isn't a threat to anyone."

Smith also confirmed that the city's animal control unit was investigating.

"Other members of the public who had similar experiences with the specific dog have contacted us. The investigating officer is compiling a dossier of sworn affidavits."

Smith warned, however, that victims should report the matter to the police, since they were the only ones who could investigate criminal complaints.

(NEWS24 - Nov 17, 2016)


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