Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alabama: Little boy, 7, has his ear ripped off in pit bull attack

ALABAMA -- Dana Hester posted on Facebook December 18 at 3:30am · Center Point, AL ·

Everyone please send up Prayers for My 7 year old son, Jacob. He was attacked by a pit bull.

They had to reattach his whole ear. Please pray that it takes. If not that means more surgery for Jacob, and We Don't Want That.

Seeing your Child go thru something like this is horrible. Please be aware when Your Children are around dogs. Thank You Everyone in Advance.Dana


Please Pray for my son Jacob. He was attacked by a pit bull and is in OR.

Dana Hester - No. No. It was my aunts daughters boyfriends dog.

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Hope he's on the mend!!

Missy Johnson Hash - Pits are unstable. Period. I was mauled by a "sweet family pit." If you have one around your children, you are tempting fate.

Pame Ashley - I hope you get to rest with him. Know that all of you have hundreds of fellow pit bull victims praying and sending love for his healing physically and emotionally.

If it helps, there are many children in the southeast who can visit him with similar scarring. We care.

Peter Grenier - It should be illegal to allowed pit bulls near children's and the parents should be charged

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