Friday, December 23, 2016

Australia: Authorities looking for pit bull which attacked man, fracturing his wrist and vertebrae. Owner fled with dog

AUSTRALIA -- Kelvin Davies posted on Facebook December 22, 2016 near Tweed Heads, QLD, Australia ·

I would like to thank the friends and people unknown to me who came to my assistance when I was attacked by a dog near the corner of Dalley Street and Burringbar Street in Mullumbimby on Monday the 19th of December.

I suffered a fractured wrist requiring surgery and the insertion of a metal plate and screws. I also suffered a fractured vertebrae that will require months of rehabilitation. 

I'd like to also thank the police who attended the scene and the staff of the Mullumbimby Ambulance, Byron Bay Hospital and Tweed Hospital for their professionalism and care.


Lucy Ashley - That's just awful Kelvin. So sorry you've had this happen. The dog and owner both need impounding. :-( Wishing you a speedy recovery. <3

Kelvin Davies - Several people have reported to me that the owner and the dog are still on the streets in Mullumbimby and the dog remains unrestrained. The dog is a Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier. If you see the owner and he has the dog unrestrained please call Byron Council on 02 6626 7000.

Lucy Ashley - It sounds like the same dog that attacked Eve Sinton a few weeks ago. I've messaged her. So sorry to hear this Kelvin.

Angela Standley - Oh my gosh Kelvin!! Sorry to hear, not the most fun thing to happen at this time of year! Who's bloody dog was it?? Hope it's under control.

Kelvin Davies - The owner of the dog has been seen in Mullumbimby several times in the past few days by other people. He's had the dog with him and it remains unrestrained.

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