Thursday, December 15, 2016

California: Dog named Wego recovering after being attacked by a pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- This morning at around 9:00 am on The Euclid trail, my three dogs were attacked by a mid sized gray pit bull who slipped out of its red halter.

Through the valiant efforts of one of the owners and my two friends, none of my dogs were seriously injured (I don't think) but I dropped to the ground to protect my two small dogs while they were attacked and was badly shaken.

Wego has two deep puncture wounds and Beckham's side is tender. We are at Banfield for examinations.

We see these people and their two pit bulls every morning while on the Euclid trail. The small woman generally struggles to control her dog as it lunges at dogs during her jog.

She denied any responsibility for the situation and blamed my dogs for the attack although my dogs were on their leashes during the incident and close to me. Wego fought out of self defense.

I am grateful that one of the owners fought with his dog valiantly to get it to release its grasp. I am grateful that my friend struggled to pull the dogs apart, although he sustained an impressive laceration on his finger.

I hope Upland animal control returns my call and takes an incident report because the attack was unprovoked, the owner lost control, and then denied responsibility. I hope the owner fits the aggressive dog with a restraint system that works or gets professional help for the dog's aggressive tendencies.

Lesson learned: Don't leave home without my phone.

Update: Upland Animal Control is assisting me with trying to locate the owner so that I can ask them to pay the vet bill.

Wego is home. Shaken but doing well.


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