Friday, December 9, 2016

California: Service dog named Puck mauled by pit bull. It took two adults kicking and beating the pit bull to get it to release Puck

CALIFORNIA -- Just got home from the Emergency Vet. Puck, my service dog, was viciously attacked by a female Pit Bull today while wagging his tail hello.

Puck was non-threatening and tied to the bridge railing, so there was absolutely no cause for attack. It took 2 adults about 2 minutes of constant kicking the attacking dog in the head and body to get her to let go of Puck. He has wounds all over his body. Here are a few photos.


Paulynn Cue - Oh no poor Puck!!! He's so sweet and gentle. And what of the other dog and the owners?

Jesse Chunn - Pitt Bulls should never be near any person or animal except the owners and their other pets. And never babies or young children.

Nathan L. Bixby - So so sorry, Puck, and Shaktari! My sister in law had this happen a week ago while we were at their house for T-day. It was traumatic. The PB managed to open mouth and reclamp on her finger while when she went to try and pull her own dog away. Her dog, Mollie is the most docile 80 lb lab you will ever meet. Very lucky to have lots of nice loose neck fur and skin, which may have saved her. And the finger is a mess but no broken bone. The constant kicking from my brother-in-law was what it took. He said he had never wanted to kill something for real before.

Jawea Stasny Marsh-  I'm so sorry this happened. Sending some love to your poor Puck.

Jennie Conway - I'm so sorry this happened to Puck. Poor little guy. Prayers for a speedy recovery. You are not alone. Pit bulls are the number one canine killer of farm animals, other pets and humans. They are a blood sport breed, developed to fight and kill other animals. They were never meant to be pets and due to their genetics always pose a potential threat. Puck was lucky to survive. Thousands of dogs attacked yearly by pit type breeds and their mixes don't. A pit bull just killed a six year old little boy on Friday. They kill a human approximately every ten days here in North America. Pit bulls need to be spayed and neutered into extinction. Blood sport breeds serve no purpose in society.

Albert Jensen - Owning a Pit Bull is like owning a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse! It is going to explode you just don't know when!

Mary Ann Redfern - So sorry that Puck was subjected to this and so glad that he survived it, as many dogs who are victims of sudden and unprovoked pit bull attacks do not survive. Keep us posted, please.

Lee Mendonca - Your best bet next time is to immobilize the pitbull by grabbing him by the collar and sitting on top of him this kind of neutralizes the shaking action of the head. If you try to choke him out with his own collar he will let go of his victim eventually.

Jennie Conway - Unfortunately, eventually is too late for most victims Lee Mendonca.

Mary Ann Redfern - How true. Pits can kill in seconds.

Shaktari Belew - I've actually met some great pit-bulls, hence my lack of fear when the human said she was friendly. It was horrible not being able to stop the attack. BTW, we are still searching for the owner.

Kim Mironov - Pit bull owners are only concerned with their own dogs. I have yet to hear of one that actually paid the vet bills of their dog's victim instead of running away like cowards. #majorityproject

Jennie Conway - Pit bulls are usually great until they aren't. If their blood sport genes kick in they turn info killing machines. That's the main problem. You never know when they will turn. Because of that, they can never be trusted. They always have the potential to cause a tragedy.

Shaktari Belew - I can't begin to thank all of you enough for your loving thoughts, prayers, and words. Puck is in far less pain and able to walk up and down stairs again, though he is still on 3 medications, wears the largest "cone of shame" possible, and is covered with stitched wounds and bald spots. Yet his emotional health seems excellent. I'm so proud of him for not letting this experience teach him to love less or assume the worst of others. He happily approaches other dogs and humans still.

We haven't yet found the owner of the attack dog and my expenses for this incident are now over $600. Hope we can find him soon and that he will be willing to help with Puck's medical bill.

Shaktari Belew - He somehow reopened two wounds even with the cone was around his neck. So today he went back in for staples. Otherwise, he does better every day!

Sherrie Connelly - So deeply sorry. It hurts to read and you must be heartbroken.

Sherrie Connelly - Tell the owner if he pays the entire bill you will consider not filing a dangerous dog complaint. Not a time to be nice or easy going. Expect owner to step up and do the right thing.

NO, NO, NO! This is horrible advice! You need to report it because if you just let them pay you off, what's to stop this vicious dog from doing this to a child next time???

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