Saturday, December 17, 2016

Florida: Twenty-one years after attack on her daughter, woman remembers attack like it was yesterday

FLORIDA -- Vicki Kazanowski Maxwell posted on Facebook, December 13 at 6:23pm ·

When my daughter was bit by the pit bull she was with my husband. He had taken her the one neighbor's while he cleaned the pool.

I was home with my two week son who was napping and I was getting a few minutes break, mostly spent doing little things I had asked him before not to take her across the street to the other neighbor where the pit and the pit mix lived.

The mix had a lot of hound and the tail was like a tree limb and face level with her. that was my actual worry She has been around the dogs when they were leashed and we had walked with the parents since they had a boy a few months younger than her so I never expected a nap.

I noticed he was gone a while, and wondering where he was, son had just woke up, I changed him and was heading out the door with him. Phone rang and I answered, was my mom calling to chat, then about 5 seconds later husband walks in says we have a problem.

I turned figuring she had fell in the pool and was wet, She was covered in blood, he was covered I remember the dress, cute little jersey one with Bam Bam and Pebbles on it. She had reached out towards the dog and it nailed

her. Luckily she fell and the owner was able to kick into the pool and she was scooped and carried out.

We spent the night in emergency getting her lip fixed.. Yes I was mad at my husband for bringing her there at first but now I see how naive we were about pit bulls despite the fact that one had attacked my daughter. The owner was a real jerk and well we blamed him.

This was 21 years ago so didn't have the internet to see what these dogs really were like and that they didn't need training to attack.