Saturday, December 10, 2016

Georgia: Police looking for Matthew Jeffries, the last person living at a house where starving, dying dogs abandoned

GEORGIA -- Clayton County police are looking for whoever starved one dog to death and left another one in very bad condition.

Police say they are looking for the last person to live in a now-vacant house along Denson Boulevard.

Investigators told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson they found two dogs at the home Friday and one of them didn't survive the trip to get help.

“This case has been given the highest priority and is actively being investigated as a cruelty case,” said Capt. Anthony Thuman, of the Clayton County Police Department.

The surviving dog is with Clayton County police and she is recovering, but authorities say the dogs deserved better.

“This is a horrific case. This is a disturbing case, to any member of my staff. Anytime you see an animal that is literally starved to death, it can’t help but tug at your heartstrings,” Thuman said.

Police went to the house Friday morning for an eviction call. When they arrived, they discovered both dogs chained outside without any food.

Investigators have identified the last tenant as Matthew Darnell Jeffries, who they say is a person of interest.

“We are asking Mr. Jeffries to please contact us in reference to this because we'd like to speak to him about it,” Thuman said.

Police say the ex-tenant is not a suspect. They just want to talk to him. Whoever is responsible faces multiple animal cruelty charges.

(WSBTV - Dec 5, 2016)

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