Saturday, December 3, 2016

Gerogia: Woman's small dog is attacked in its own yard by neighbor's pit bull. Animal Control only "warns" the owners

GEORGIA -- My dog (Bossapoo) [BossiPoo = Boston Terrier / Poodle mix) was attacked by a pit bull Saturday mourning.

I had my dog on a leash in my own back yard. I was outside screaming for help, finally the neighbors came out. They got their to get their dog off mine. His wife said not to call the police department.

My son was here visiting until Sunday, but he cut his trip short do to this factor. He also brought his dog with him, he was very upset over this. When he got home he contacted animal control. I took my dog to the vets to be check out.

My dog was very lucky to be alive. If they were to come out a second later, he would of been dead. The animal control only gave them a warning. What is wrong with this picture. How would he like it if it was his dog.

Chris Head - If a dog attacks on your property you have every right to shoot to kill

Cherry Mcmillen - They said they are getting rid of it. I know dogs are how you raise them. I don't believe they are going to do this.

Michael Wolf - Shoot it. The last time I had a pit bull attack me in my yard it was the neighbors Pit bull I fired a warning shot into the yard to scare it off and when the police got here to my house in Madison County they asked me why I didn't shoot the damn dog and I told them if I had known they were going to ask me that question I would have shot the damn dog

Cherry Mcmillen - This happened in my back yard when I walked him on his leash. He is recovering @ home. When I moved here less than a year ago, I seen they had three pit bulls tied out in their backyard. I made myself very clear about them, if they got lose and hurt my dog. Their will be trouble. I don't have a gun, but very serious about getting one. Also I plan on putting up a fence with trespassing sign. I just feel animal control didn't handle this issue the way it should of.