Thursday, December 29, 2016

Louisiana: Pit bull breeder bitten by his uncle's pit bull

LOUISIANA -- Dillon Patterson added 3 new photos to Facebook on December 25, 2016 ·

Got attacked by a pit bull and a good Christmas pic of me my beautiful girl friend and my beautiful baby girl skylynn lashae Patterson I love yaw with all my heart babies

Dakota N Brittany Perot - U pissed it off bud lol

Aaron Heath Volentine - What dog gotcha ??

Dillon Patterson-  My uncles blue pit

Yella Bone Keisha - U ok

Dillon Patterson posted on December 25 at 5:52pm ·

I just wanted to say this and I don't care who don't like it.... Louisiana is a fucked up state fuck the state and all there laws including there dog law if you don't like it fuck you that's all

Dustin Mims - Dillon Patterson, take this crap off Facebook