Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mississippi: Chihuahua named Sweet Georgia Brown lucky to be alive after pit bull crushed her

MISSISSIPPI -- Our neighbor Betsy's dog was viciously attacked by a pit bull the other day and is currently recovering from her injuries. If you know Betsy or just love dogs, consider a small donation to help her pay the vet bill.

GoFundMe: "Saving Sweet Georgia Brown"

On November 29th, my sister's beloved chihuahua, Georgia Brown was viciously attacked by a pit bull, while in her own yard.

My sister, Betsy Chapman, bravely fought to save her best friend and Sweet Georgia Brown survived the attack but has suffered damage to her internal organs. She was rushed to the emergency vet and required sedation. Georgia will undergo surgery today.

Anyone who knows my sister knows that Georgia Brown is her best friend and that regardless of the personal cost, Betsy will do everything possible to save Georgia.

Georgia Brown was rescued from the Oxford Humane Society. She was found wandering the streets, sick, scared, and alone. She has thrived since being given a second chance at a forever home.  Unfortunately, Georgia has yet another battle to fight but this time she won’t fight alone.

All donations will go to cover the costs of Georgia Brown’s medical bills. Any surplus of donations will be donated to the Oxford Humane Society.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for even the smallest of donations!

Georgia has made it out of surgery and is in recovery now!!! Hoping to learn more about her condition this afternoon. Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support!

Amy Collins Kendrick - How is she doing?

Betsy Chapman - She is doing well but is still sedated. Her injuries were just a sliver away from being in a spot that would have likely killed her. Her mid-section was basically being crushed in the dog's mouth. Her organs and muscles have been sutured back into place, part of a crushed rib had to be removed, she has two additional broken ribs and two deep gashes. He thinks she's going to be okay but I won't be able to see her until tomorrow so she can rest.

Betsy Chapman - Animal control went to the house today. The owner said the dog was sent somewhere else.

Betsy Chapman - I'm not sure to what extent they'll pursue it.

Betsy Chapman - The homeowner says that the dog belongs to someone who was living at his house, maybe temporarily? I'm not sure.

Betsy Chapman - So far the neighbor has declined to take responsibility for the attack. I am pursuing options to hold the dog owner accountable.

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