Thursday, December 29, 2016

New York: Little dog named Henry recovering after being attacked by a pit bull

NEW YORK -- Brandon Batson posted on Facebook on December 25, 2016 ·

Today our little boy Henry was attacked by a pit bull in NYC while we were here in SC. He is home from the hospital and it looks like he will be ok. Pray that he recovers quickly. Thanks to our amazing friend Ashley who has taken care of him through this whole process.

Andrew Blalock - So sorry to hear that. Glad he's ok. Hope there's no further complications.

Paula Cooper McGinnis - Breaks my heart.. Praying he'll be ok & heal quickly.

Lynn Hillyer - Hope he is OK:( :(

Christopher B. Davis - Oh man, sorry to hear brother.

Rachel King Batson - Wound drain for the gashes and lacerations on his neck. Lots of rest and meds for the next little while. Ashley has taken good care of him, and the staff at our building treated him like a child, rushing him to the ER and checking up on him. For such a scary incident, we couldn't have asked for him to be surrounded by better people.

Our boy is home and resting. Thanks for all of the kind words.