Sunday, December 11, 2016

New York: Woman attacked by a pit bull. Elena Bennett won't shut up about how it's the owner's fault, that they're trained to be vicious and how the victim should NOT tell Animal Control

NEW YORK -- Just attacked by pit bull. Got my working hand. Hello ER. God may it be an easy fix and a tetanus shot. The dog attacked my Abby and me. Still shaking

Madlyn Deming Oh, Leslie how awful. It must've been terrifying. Please post again after your visit to the ER to tell us how you are.

Emily Seelbinder Abby's probably still shaking, too. Hope the pit bull's owner pays your ER bill.

Sean Gallagher So sorry. Hope you are feeling better. Just. Broke my leg Horrible time. Could have been worse

David T Moore Oh Leslie, I am so sorry. Please do report it to the City Animal Control.

Elena Bennett They may likely kill the dog. Why not see whether the owner behaves better than the dog.

Leslie Palme The owner vanished asap. No number, no name. Her dog, pinned Abby to the ground. It was terrifying.

Elena Bennett Leslie - What a horrible person! I'm so sorry & just glad you're getting cared for.  ❤

Leslie Palme The woman and her dog disappeared without giving name of number.

David T Moore She probably lives nearby so she ought to be traceable. Of course she may "trump" it.

Elena Bennett Ah. Well THAT sucks! Sadly, it will be the dog who suffers (dies, probably) for the irresponsibility of its owner.

Renee Dinnerstein I'm so Sorry! I don't like those dogs!

Elena Bennett There are wonderful pitts! any dog can bite.

Leslie Palme I know wonderful pitties. Abby plays with her friend, Daisy who is a pit bull who is a doll baby. My friend, George has a wonderful pit bull, Snowey. I am still shaken up.

Elena Bennett ❤❤❤❤❤😢

Renee Dinnerstein
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Elena Bennett Pitts often are bought by people who teach them bad behavior.