Thursday, December 29, 2016

North Carolina: Loose pit bull attacks woman's Chow while they're taking a walk on the beach

NORTH CAROLINA -- Lynn Jaworski-Siderko posted on Facebook December 28, 2016 ·

Need advice Cujo my chow who is sweet gentle natured and about 11 years old now was attacked by a pit bull mix at beach today and he fought back though hE never has in the 6 years I Have had him, this happened on one of the long bridges you walk to get out To the ocean

I Have examined him and see mo wounds he has so much fur now. And the pit went for Cujo neck but has acting freaked out he doesn't want to eat much and is sleeping a lotšŸ˜§thank you❤

Terri Codlean Lynn....have him checked by the vet...I am feeling so bad....he is so sweet and gentle!!!! Makes me mad!!!!! That other dog should never have been without a leash!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Please keep us posted!!!! Love you guys

Judi Mull - Thank God he wasn't hurt. Poor baby probably scared to death.

Dave Felix - Get him checked in case he may have an internal injury. Prayers for Cuji.

Rose Jones - Call your vet.....he needs to be checked... the dog that attacked him needs to be turn in.... was he not on a leash. I feel bad for cujo... please keep us posted.

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