Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ohio: Girard police shoot pit bull mix that mauled and killed a Yorkie and attacked its owner

OHIO -- Girard police say one of their officers shot a dog that they said had killed another dog and had also been attacking people.

Officers responding to calls about a vicious dog running loose in the areas of Illinois Avenue, Iowa Avenue and Davis Street late Tuesday afternoon, say they found a mixed breed pit bull that had broken free from the home of its owner.

Police say the dog had attacked a smaller dog that was on a leash being walked by a 69 year-old man.

The smaller dog did not survive the attack, according to police.

The man who was walking the smaller dog tells police he was knocked to the ground by the attacking dog and received a cut on his face.

When the man's wife came out to help her husband, the pit bull bit her hand.

After the dog left the confined area of the neighbor's property, its owner, along with other residents and police chased and attempted to corral the animal in a wooded area.

Police say at that point, due to the aggressive nature of the dog and fears that the attacks would continue, an officer received permission from the owner of the dog to use deadly force.

The officer used his service weapon to shoot the dog.

The male victim was taken to Northside Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

As of Wednesday afternoon, charges were pending against the dog’s owners.

(WFMJ - ‎Dec 28, 2016‎)


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