Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ohio: More than 100 farm animals removed from Cleveland home; possible illegal slaughterhouse

OHIO -- Animal control officers removed more than 100 animals -- including a goat, dozens of chickens, roosters, a pig, a rabbit, and even a turkey -- from the back yard of a Cleveland home on Wednesday.

The home was on Bailey Road.


Officials said some of the animals were malnourished.

"That's for the country to have, but not in the city,” said neighbor Valerie Freeman.


Freeman said it's normally a quiet community, but she would occasionally hear animal noises such as chicken clucking. Other residents said they'd hear roosters in the morning.

In the video clip, the reporter tries to speak with the owners who are walking into the house. She is speaking to them in Spanish. My guess is that they were also running an illegal slaughterhouse.


Sharon Harvey with the Cleveland Animal Protective League says the agency has never seen anything like this, and now they have the tedious task of tagging and documenting each and every animal.

"This is truly an example of urban farming gone wrong -- there are signs that some of these animals have been neglected, and that's where the APL comes in,” Harvey said.


APL officials say they will reach out to other rescue groups for help. They'll work with the city to look into violations and possible fines as they continue their investigation.

(Cleveland19 - Nov 30, 2016)

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