Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oklahoma: Carol Garrison, 73, arrested after more than 30 sick, injured, dying and dead dogs found on his property

OKLAHOMA -- 73-year-old Carol Garrison was arrested after more than 30 animals were found sick and living in crowded conditions on his property in Hendrix.

KXII first received reports of animal neglect back in October.


Locals said the issues have been going on for years, and that people in the area contributed to the problem by dumping unwanted animals there.

“There was two or three that’s been dropped off just in the past few months just from people that live here that were tired of their animals now,” Craig Higbee said.


Higbee stopped by on Tuesday to feed the animals that haven’t been picked up yet.

An incident report from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office states when officials arrived at the house on Monday they found at least a dozen dogs with hair loss and other mangy conditions.


Several dogs had their eyes nearly matted shut, and others were covered in tumors.

“It was an atrocity that these animals were living in this type of environment,” Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jeff Wilson said.

According to reports, some of the dogs were in such bad shape they had trouble getting off the ground.

A dead dog was found in the back of the house, which deputies said the other dogs had been feeding on.

“They were definitely malnourished,” Wilson said. “Although he was feeding them, it wasn’t enough dog food to feed all of them.”

Best Friends Animal Rescue is partnering with another local rescue to collect the roughly 30 dogs and several cats from the property.

Garrison was charged with animal cruelty and bonded out of jail on Tuesday.

“It probably takes the means that he don’t have,” Higbee said. “And like I said people make fun of him instead of helping him... so.”

Mr. Higbee (and Mr. Garrison) think dumping a bag of food on the ground is "taking care" of animals. There is more to it - spaying and neutering, treatment for fleas and worms, heartworm preventative, veterinary care when they are sick, injured, have mange and/or skin conditions, shelter from the cold, clean water, clean living areas, getting them microchipped and putting a collar with tags on them in case they're lost or picked up by animal control, etc.. It's not just giving food.

The sheriff’s office is working with the two rescues on how they are going to seize the rest of the dogs.

(KXII - Dec 16, 2016)

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