Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Texas: Fundraiser for Shih Tzu puppy attacked by two pit bulls

TEXAS -- He got attacked on the morning of 12/11/2016 by two pit bulls and got a broken jaw (breaks on both sides of his mouth) and I can't afford surgery I need help from others if that's okay I'll great full he didn't die he's a 8 month old puppy he deserves a good life

Maxx (puppy) jaw surgery (attacked by pit bull)
For: My puppy max
Buda, TX
Organizer: Anabel Aviles

OK, this is an odd one. I hope to God she doesn't have this poor puppy sitting in a cage at her house, suffering and slowly dying, while she's trying to raise money. 

My other concern is how void this fundraiser is of details. A check of her Facebook page shows she hasn't updated it in awhile, but in her photos section she has several photos of pit bull puppies that she got a few years ago.

Hmm, she has two adult pit bulls and her Shih Tzu puppy was attacked by two pit bulls...