Tuesday, December 13, 2016

United Kingdom: Sheep rescued after getting a traffic cone stuck on its head

UNITED KINGDOM -- Animal rescuers in Britain were called to a farm where a sheep was seen with its head stuck inside an orange traffic cone.

The RSPCA said rescuers were summoned Sunday to a Chorleywood, England, farm on a report of a "stuck" sheep, and they only learned what they meant when they arrived.

"We thought it must be stuck in brambles or something like that, but when our officer arrived she realized it's head was trapped -- in the cone," an RSPCA representative told the BBC.

RSPCA Inspector Rachel Smith said she was able to sneak up on the sheep and grab the cone, allowing the animal to simply walk out of its predicament.

Smith said the sheep was uninjured, "just a little embarrassed we suspect."

(UPI - Dec 9, 2016)

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