Thursday, December 29, 2016

Washington: Small dog named Daisy attacked by pit bull. Has to endure women ranting about how pits are nanny dogs, that it's how they're trained, blah, blah, blah

WASHINGTON -- Brenda Kaye Cave‎ posted on Facebook to Friday Harbor Rant and Rave on December 28, 2016 ·

RANT & warning: My beautiful fur baby, Daisy was attacked by a huge dog (pit bull mix) @ 4:30am this morning while I was walking her & my other little dog for a potty run in our "wonderful" trailer park. She now has a 12" gash along her leg. I always obey rules and walk them on a leash, but obviously one pet owner (in a teal trailer) has a dog that will attack and I want all my neighbors (who also have little dogs) be aware that this is in our neighborhood. — feeling scared


Pearlie Hollow Did the Sheriff contact the owner of the dog and were you a witness to the interview? What's the next step, do you know? Wishing the best for you and your pup. This is truly the stuff of nightmares. May the healing begin.

Lonnie Wood - The dog is a blue nose pitt bull, her and her owners live in the trailer behind mine...this is the second attack in less then a year and the last attack was exactly the same, blue the female pitt behind me attacked yogy a dog the same size as daisy....the cops were called and everything and all that jeff told them to do was walk her over in the construction site on the other side of the fence, now correct me if i'm wrong but once there was a report filed the first time and jeff was aware her should have given them a notice to have the dog removed from the property....if he refuses then make him pay for a blood test on the dog to prove that she is not pittbull because i know for a fact that she is a pitt

Lonnie Wood - it is off leash, running at other leashed dogs and nothing is done about it well all i have to say is legally you gabriella and brenda have a strong lawsuit if you wanted aginst the trailer park and management for knowingly letting that dog stay there

Lonnie Wood - the dog needs to be removed from the trailer park

Brandy Carpentier - Unless authorities are waiting for a child to be attacked, the dog needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY!
This is crazy!!!!!

Evelyn Lee Mrowka - The dog needs put down before it attacks a child.

Sorelle Madison Thompson - Pit bulls are actually less aggressive then most of your breeds. It's the owner 100%. ANY POS can make a dog aggressive. Read up on the Pitbull breed they were actually nanny dogs.

Incorrect. Collies and St. Bernards were nanny dogs

My Pitbull is 9 almost 10 years old. He's papered with a show background that can be traced. He's been around rabbits, baby deer, chickens, children, and aggressive little yappy dogs that have attacked him. He's never, not in 10 years EVER been human, or animal aggressive. Please educate yourself before making statements out of fear. There's a GREAT documentary about the breed and about the false info spread about them. Their JAw, or their bites being worse. These are all false statements. Humans are to blame for dog aggression.


Sorelle Madison Thompson - My three children. My eldest and least terrifying is the blue nosed Pit Bull.

Sorelle Madison Thompson - Please stop making this a Pitbull issue. It's a dumb owner issue.

Kirsten Sakstrup - Everyone who blames pit bulls for being the problem no it's the people that make pit bulls and OTHER dogs violent, and shut up with your bs statistics that you read from the internet obviously if you believe stuff from the internet then your judgement on pittbulls is unnecessary and irrelevant!!! Brenda I'm extremely sorry for your dog very sad, it's all because of bad ownership and training