Sunday, December 11, 2016

West Virginia: Jacob Franklin's dad says he was not happy when he found out that he was living with two pit bulls, one of which attacked and killed little Jacob


Their mother has not even been with the dogs owner, John Perry for a year, so how was the three year old pit bull raised with my kids? If nothing or no one in the wrong, why the lies?

When I first seen the pics of that pit six or seven months ago, I begged her to get those dogs away from my babies before they got hurt, and now this has happened. I am sorry for whoever's feelings get hurt by this, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

I'm a the father that has not been mentioned at all!

This dog came into my kids life about 9 month's ago when I was having a video chat with my kids and that's when THAT I saw these 2 Pit bulls in the video chat.

I ask the mom of my babies,"what in the world are you thinking having dogs like those around my kids," and screamed at her over the chat line to GET my Baby's away from those BEAST before 1 of Those big Lions looking beast gets a hold of one of my kids and kills them and now just because No one would listen to me!

I wouldn't have dogs that r bigger then my kids inside the house PUT them in cages where they belong! Then just maybe That my son would had a Chance to grow up with his sisters! This should have never been over looked by the mom and got them away from the BEAST!

I miss u son your my LITTLE-MAN and #1 Angle in heaven!


Melissa Rorabaugh - We all are praying for you sweetie, omg no idea how hard ur struggles are now! Pray every night u find peace!♥

Kirby Franklin - I've been up since that terrible night I got that call from the baby's mom from the hospital telling me the news about what happened and ask me if I could believe that her bf could only ask about his dog SICK F@@K#S

Jennifer Grimmett Kirby - John just got charisma 2 months ago, I'm sorry you don't know these details I am and I'll try to do everything in my power to help, but we have to meet halfway I'm saying ill help anyway I can believe I know first hand what it's like to have these types of troubles (minus what's happened you our Buddy) but all the other me and you are not so different Kirby I can tell, I have fought and overcame a lot and been smacked back down by life over and over again, we all have! There's a lot about mine and your babies I don't wanna go into detail about on Facebook but I would like to talk to you sometime. I feel it may help some maybe not much but some. But I'll tell you now DAWN and the girls are my first priority they have to be esp now and really Dawn and the kid's were my first priority before this all happened before there's nothing I wouldn't do for them and a lot of other ppl too. I know you don't see it now because of what's happened but they are safe and secure and Dawn doesn't feel it right now either!

Philip Smith - I hate to say this you are saying negative stuff you are again bring things up that do not Need be at this time there is a lot more that you do not know not once have u said anything positive we have to be strong for the other kids in the house as well there where 9 other kids In the house when this happened it could have happened to any of them at any given time.

Jennifer Grimmett - Let me make this clear for the final time! Cause we are tired of taking about the damn DOG. The dog did not belong to her it was her boyfriends he was out of town, he had never acted viscous, or even growled at the kids before! So we still don't know why he snapped and prolly never will all we know is we lost out boy that we miss dearly and we have his sister's and my daughter that we need to help get thru this and all of the girls period are having a difficult time! So Every time we are back to this about the dog doesn't help let's just remember Jacob please and say a prayer for him and his mother and these girls that are left behind missing him so much, we all miss him SOOOOO much


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