Sunday, January 1, 2017

Australia: Dog named Sally mauled by two loose pit bulls

AUSTRALIA -- Stace Rogers posted on Facebook December 26, 2016 ·

Our poor dog Sally was repeatedly attacked by two American Pit Bulls this morning. Thankfully she escaped without any visible scars, but she may never recover emotionally. Poor girl. Why people chose to have these vicious dogs off lead is beyond me.

Gaelia Hunt - Did she get any little punctures?

Stace Rogers - I couldn't see any blood but she's walking a bit more gingerly than usual so I'm sure there's some bruising. She's due for a booster shot so a vet check might be on the cards tomorrow.

Gaelia Hunt - Good idea. Bruising is likely, plus the smallest puncture can get infected really quickly. The other worry is if the skin has been torn from the underlying muscle she could get seromas forming. I'd get her checked over tomorrow.

Stace Rogers - Thanks Gaelia. We'll be at the vet tomorrow.