Sunday, January 1, 2017

California: Woman and her Maltipoo attacked by two loose pit bulls on Christmas day

CALIFORNIA -- Linda Perez posted on Facebook December 26, 2016 ·

I was walking my dog in the area of Clapper and Sparrow on Xmas day and we were attacked by 2 pit bulls that came out of the wash. I believe there was a mail that was gray and white,a little bigger and a smaller one that was brindle, brown, black and white that looks like it might have just had puppies.

They came out of the wash and went straight for my dog which is a small white Maltipoo. They tore him pretty bad. I was not able to get them to stop. They jumped on me and kept pulling on my dog and wouldn't let go. A couple of ladies came by in a car and stopped. The driver helped me and we were finally able to get my dog in their car.

He spent the night at the vet and has a lot of stitches and bruising. They just missed his jugular. His back and leg were pretty bad. The vet said those dogs meant business. 

We contacted animal control and they said they would send someone out but I have not yet heard back from them. If you have seen these dogs or know who owns them please PM me. They not only attacked my dog but me and the lady who helped me. They are dangerous.

These are the two pit bull which attacked her dog
(the second one is behind the trash can)

Yesenia Sansorez - Oh no I'm so sorry that happen to you and ur Maltese was attacked also by a pit bull..thank goodness I quickly grabbed her and wrapped her in my arms and put her in a neighbors empty truck..She only got a cut on her eye..otherwise she wouldn't have made it..the pit was jumping on my back to get to her I thought I was gonna get bitten but thank god i didn't..Neighbors came out to help me..and the owner came out to grab his dog and said nothing to me..I reported him right when I got home..hoping your baby recovers asap..

Jasmine Guerrero - Update: The dogs are still roaming around!

Bob Smith - Jasmine Guerrero, were you able to call AC to let them know where dogs are now . The more calls and exact locations helps officers to respond faster . Here is Perris AC number (951) 657-4134

Jasmine Guerrero - Yes we called someone is finally going out to search for the dogs. We reported it since the day of the attack but they haven't done anything till now

Saniyyah Rudicill - Sorry to hear that. I always walk with a golf club or metal bat for that reason. There are soo many loose dogs out there.