Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Connecticut: Man says he and his little dog attacked by a loose pit bull

CONNECTICUT -- Angel Ortiz posted on Facebook Jan 11, 2017

what a morning here I am walking my little dog out and all of a sudden we both get attacked by a pit bull that no one owns thank God no one got hurt. I was told at one point that there is a pit bull out there that no one owns. Thank God I was quick enough to pick up my little dog.

Rich DiCarlo - Did you call the cops and animal control or did you leave it to attack someone on another day?

Jess Morris - Angel are you fucking serious get Izzy in the house now if anything would of happened to him all hell would of broke out my baby is five pounds he can't fight a pit you should of kicked the dog in the fuckin face I have nothing against pits my sister has a beautiful one get Izzy in the house plz

Angel Ortiz - The dog is fine

Jess Morris - For your sake he better be you can beat that pit Izzy can't Everytime you two go out together you guys get in trouble your both grounded

Angel Ortiz - But Rich DiCarlo there is a house that the pit bull goes to I will call as soon as I get up stairs

Angel Ortiz - Oh thanks Jessica. You know what would happen if I kick that pit bull in the face. I would no but to drop izzy and fight that pit bull and that's a fact

Rich DiCarlo - Please do ... I witnessed a horrible attack last year...two loose pit bulls on one small beagle.

Angel Ortiz - That's terrible Rich DiCarlo and you wonder why these pit bull gets bad name

Debbie Kercsi - Wow!!! Good thing both of you are alright you should start bringing a baseball bat with you can't tell what is around resides the pit bull.