Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Georgia: Boy, 6, is mauled to death and girl, 5, is seriously injured in horror pit bull attack on their way to school

GEORGIA -- A five-year-old boy died and a six-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after three pit bulls attacked them on their way to school.

Logan Braatz was mauled to death as he walked to F.L. Stanton Elementary School in southwest Atlanta on Tuesday morning.


His classmate, Syria Sanders, was also attacked and taken to hospital, but she is expected to survive.

Several school students who were with them at the time tried to pull the animals off the pair.

One of the dogs was shot by officers and the other two were taken away by animal control officers.

The owner of the pit bulls, Cameron Tucker, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct.

Shamonte Clayton, a neighbor to both children injured, said he woke up this morning to screams and ran outside. He found a little girl badly mauled.

“As I get to the end of the street, I see the child’s unconscious body laying in the middle of the street,” Clayton said.

He noticed another dog and followed it, finding children pinned on a porch on the backside of an abandoned house.

“So I chased the dog away from the kids, and I noticed the second child, a little boy, his unconscious body laying down in the grass,” Clayton said.

The dog circled back to the child and Clayton said he chased the dog off with his gun.

“I picked the child’s body up because his mom couldn’t do nothing but sit there and just cry,” Clayton said.

Another neighbor, Angie Smith, described the moment she saw little Syria get mauled.

'The dog just ripped into her,' she recounted. 'I ran to the baby and when I looked down at her I knew there was nothing that I could do,' she told WSB-TV.

Logan was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Syria was transported to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where she was listed in stable condition this afternoon.

Police say three other children witnessed the grisly dog attack and valiantly tried to help their friends who were being mauled by pulling the pit bulls off of them.

A crisis team was dispatched to Stanton to provide grief counseling for students and staff.

Candace M. Lynch posted on Facebook:
"The horrific outcome of yesterday, was the child loosing life, however, the reason the dog was allowed to maul and kill outside of irresponsible pet ownership is the fact that a parent thought it was proper for a 5/6 yr old to walk alone. The dog finished what the parentals started, had it not been a dog, no parent with meant it could have been kidnapping."

Shelby Puza posted on Facebook:
"I'm sorry but if you are saying pit bulls are vicious, you are wrong. It depends on how the dog was raised, any dog can attack. The media didn't show when 2 German shepherds attacked a 4 year old, they showed this. Making all pit bulls seem bad. Don't judge a bred based on media or until you own one, even then not all dogs are the same."

Herbert K. Williams posted on Facebook:
"Very upsetting incident happened in Atlanta today when these 2 children were attacked by pit bulls while on their way walking to school. The little boy died and the girl is in critical condition. Dog owners need to realize that owning a dog is a serious responsibility. I was actually attacked by 2 pits last week while visiting a friend's home who assured me their dogs wouldn't bite."

Wes Gilmore posted on Facebook:
"Another thing that chaps my rear. This dog attack of the three children in Atlanta. First thing said is they were attacked by pitbulls. This is straight bull crap. They were attacked by a bunch of mutts. But they always trying to blame the pitbull breed for other dog breed actions. One dog was to have been a pit mix. Who to say it was not American bulldog. Just because it looks like a pit don't make it a pit. I'm sorry for the loss and the others hurt. Bad thing. But stop putting shit onto pit bulls. 90 percent of the problem is the owners who have them not the breed of dog."

(Daily Mail - Jan 17, 2017)

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  1. This is horrible, I feel so sorry for those poor little kids. It’s hard to think about it. Read this blog, these atrocities happen daily across the United States. This is so infuriating we see this over and over. Dog bite statistics are rising in most major cities. Increased restrictions and penalties have to match the risk and the crime. These dogs are as dangerous as any wild animal.