Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kentucky: "I never thought I would have to wrestle and choke a Pit Bull before work to save Ruben (Our Baby)"

KENTUCKY -- LaCosta Sunshine added 9 new photos — feeling JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED FOR MY FURRY BABY.

Its pretty fucked up! Nobody could help My dog and I when we was getting attack by a Pit Bull!


Everyone that knows me.....Knows I have a very loud scream and voice!!! I never thought I would have to wrestle and choke a Pit Bull before work to save Ruben (Our Baby)

I put Ruben on his every morning. We went outside on the porch. We step

Yes, I got bit by the Pit Bull while I was choking her with my right hand and thumb and choking her with her collar with my left hand! Then she still wouldn't let go. So I thru myself to the ground and started putting my elbow into the Pit Bull back and sides..... She finally released Ruben. Then bit me in the process. Then waiting for the police to arrive, she tried to bite me again!


It was a very dangerous situation! The mama instincts kicked in! Protect fur babies and my human babies! Our baby has a long recovery!

I pray he makes it! I pray no infection sets up in the pocket beside his neck and ear.....He has drainage tubs in him to hep keep the infection away. They had to cut him where the bite was to make sure everything was ok underneath. They said he might loose his skin.....and have an open area for a while if it doesn't heal bc of the color change of the skin!

He is on pain medication, some antibiotics, and some fluids when he was at Hospital stay!! Now he is home with drainage tubes Pain Medication, two antibiotics! He is in so much pain! I wish i could take his pain away! Plus we find out with the lab work he has kidney failure only 75% of his kidney are working!

I just want to say Thank You to the young man that I didn't know that called the police and tried to help afterwards!

I want to say Thank You to Berry Miller for helping me hold the Pit Bull down waiting for the police! Ruben Guardian Angel was definitely with him! He's definitely strong like his Guardian Angel! JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED FOR MY FURRY BABY!

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