Saturday, January 21, 2017

Louisiana: "I got attacked by some dogs"

LOUISIANA -- Makelia Outley added 3 new photos to Facebook January 21, 2017

I got attacked by some dogs

Meech Sander - Damn fam u straight

Makelia Outley - Just n pain

Meech Sander - Shack back fam....wat kinda dawg it was

Makelia Outley - Pits

Ebony Queen - Where tf this happen at

Makelia Outley - Next door to my house

Ebony Queen - Damn wat the ppl say bout they dogs

Makelia Outley - The police got em

Veronica Minot - Did you go to the hospital and call the police for animal control to come out

Makelia Outley - Yea the police said has the dogs n I'm n the hospital

David Kelly - Omg.damn! Them dogs need to be shot

Joby Jo - Damn you straight??? Where this happened at and who dogs did that??

Makelia Outley - The dogs next door to my house just n pain tho

Monica MC Neal - Hope u get well soon.....they will hold those dogs for about a week to see if they have rabies before they put them down.... That's a lawsuit they suppose to be in a chain....get well soon kela

Makelia Outley - Thanks

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