Sunday, January 29, 2017

New York: Brooklyn cat reunited with owner after 230 mile journey to Queensbury in car engine

NEW YORK -- A 10-year-old cat from Brooklyn took the trip of a lifetime to Warren County while trapped underneath a car.

After a long journey, Gumbo the cat was reunited with his owner at the Warren County SPCA on Friday.

“Hey, welcome back, buddy,” Raven Huang said. “Feels like a family member came back, and it’s really comforting that he’s okay.”

On January 14, Huang was looking for a place to neuter Gumbo in Brooklyn, but before he knew it, Gumbo escaped from his car.

“I was doubtful of finding him,” Huang said. “Finding a cat that runs loose is very difficult.”

Nearly 230 miles away in Queensbury on Monday, the Warren County SPCA got a call from security at the Great Escape Lodge. A family traveling from Brooklyn had just arrived and heard meowing. When they looked under the hood, they found a cat stuck in the engine.

Chief Humane Officer Jim Fitzgerald believes Gumbo snuck in before the family left and then couldn’t get out.

“It found its way up through the back of the block, and then it had to come up and over the front of the engine and then crawl back down into a compartment,” he said.

It was a tricky job rescuing Gumbo, but in about 20 minutes, Fitzgerald wiggled him free.

“It was lethargic when we pulled it out,” he said. “It was definitely thirsty, hungry.”

Gumbo made it out with just a few scratches despite being stuck for three to four days.

“I don’t know if that was, like, its eighth life but definitely pushing it at 10 years old,” Fitzgerald said.

Through Facebook, the SPCA and Huang found one another, and Huang was thankful to be able to reunite with his cat.

“It’s a big sigh of relief,” he said. “I feel like there’s a lot of things looking over us.”

Gumbo will now make the long trek home, but this time, he’ll be inside the car.

(News10 - Jan 27, 2017)