Sunday, January 22, 2017

New York: Man and his dog attacked by pit bulls - Today I had one of the toughest fights that I've ever been in

NEW YORK -- Mark Clookey posted on Facebook January 21, 2017

In the E.R. Taking my friend kellis dog for a walk and we were attacked by two pit bulls. We both were bitten. I am here and he is going to the vet. Very traumatic experience.

Nancy Taber Richards - Yikes

Jennifer Williams-Watt - Omg I'm glad you are ok

June Parrotta - Prayers !!

Jason Dresser - Glad your okay Mark.

Mark Clookey - Getting discharged now.8 stiches, no broken hand thank God. Banged up,but not broken. Emotionally drained right mow

Hannah Porter - Omg..glad you're OK. Was this downtown by any chance?

Kristen Savage Merlo - Oh my goodness!

Adrien Brodeur - If it was downtown I'm going to take one big guess that it was that homeless guy with the three pit bulls who attack one another all the time and lunge at people.

Mark Clookey This guy rides a red bike and has 2 hooked together on a v.

Mark Clookey - The main lead broke and I had about 4 seconds to prepare myself,for this barrage. Worst three mins of my life. I haven't been in a fight with a human being in over 15 years, but today I had one of the toughest fights that I've ever been in. 

I've never punched anything as hard as I did today. I'm pretty broken up about this because those dogs didn't want to fight me, but that was my only choice to protect to Tuco...

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