Sunday, January 1, 2017

New York: Man beats pit bulls with a tree trunk after he and a dog named Gunner are attacked

NEW YORK -- Georgette Filgate posted on Facebook, December 22, 2016  ·

Rough day today here at the Filgate-Pullella house. Gunner got attacked by 2 pit bulls that have been roaming through our backyard unrestrained. We didn't know until this happened who they belonged to.

He's in pretty bad shape but will pull through. Thank God Joe and his best friend Mike were here. They and Gunner fought the dogs off for 15-20 minutes before Mike hit them pretty hard with a tree trunk and got them to give up. (At that point Joe had made a run for the house to get his rifle).

The police were called, JoAnna was slightly injured when she fell trying to help out, but Gunner actually jumped up and protected her. Then one of the dogs lunged at Mike, but he was able to fight it off without getting bitten. Animal control is investigating. The vet bill was almost $500.00.

At least Joe and Mike were here working instead of at work today, and the kids were still in school. Tom and I were out at a dog park with his puppy Willow. If all those things weren't as they were, this could have been a lot worse.
Turns out the owner is a retired lawyer. This should be interesting...stay tuned.

Jennifer Towner - Oh no! That is terrible! I hope everyone is ok and that the owner makes things right.

Cindy Ghahremani - I'm so sorry to hear that, hope Gunner is ok.

Nikki Klein - Thank goodness everyone is all right. Pure Gunner...he is such a loving dog too.