Friday, January 27, 2017

North Carolina: Danny Roscoe was charged with 3 counts of Felony Animal Cruelty after shooting and killing 3 innocent dogs. His punishment? One year of probation.

NORTH CAROLINA -- Last year, Danny Lee Roscoe decided to go shoot some stray dogs that the community had been taking care of. There is nothing to indicate that these dogs were aggressive or a nuisance. They simply didn't have homes but animal lovers had set up doghouses and blankets for them and regularly come by to feed them and play with them. I'm sure they were also trying to find homes for them.


Anyway, Danny Roscoe - for whatever reason - decided to kill them. They may or may not have died quickly. A witness said it appeared they had been gut shot and shot in their hindquarters, as though they were running away from him when he shot them.

Authorities rightfully charged Danny Roscoe with three Felony counts of Animal Cruelty. There was an inkling that this case would not settle in a way that we would be happy when Danny Roscoe was given an unsecured bond, which indicates that they weren't taking this horrific crime seriously.


And, as expected, Danny Roscoe walked right out of court with a slap on the wrist. No mandatory community service, no mental health counseling to deal with his aggression/rage/hate issues, no fine mentioned to go towards victims' rights groups such as the local shelter.

Instead, they dropped the Felony charges down to Misdemeanors and it looks like they threw one of them out in an effort to get him to take the plea - which was nothing but probation. And then the judge threw him another bone by letting him serve the two sentences concurrently (at the same time) rather than consecutively (one after the other).

If you were bound and determined to give this cretin probation, why not make it consecutive and put him on probation for two years? Let him think about it for the next two years what horrible things he did to these three dogs.

I'm dumping on North Carolina because this is where it happened and this odious, pathetic excuse of a man lives there, but it's not just North Carolina. It's all the states in America that do this - it's almost a guarantee that the abuser is going to get probation and walk right out of the courtroom.

Animal Cruelty is not taken seriously in the United States

And that is why there are so many repeat animal abusers; because their punishment was so lax that they had no reason to fear committing the crime again.

However, there is a bright spot to this disappointing sentence. After Danny Roscoe cruelly shot and killed these dogs, the community was outraged. In response, people set up a makeshift memorial for the dogs and made it a nice, rather than somber and sad, place to meet. They're proof that there are more people alive in this world who are kind, compassionate, considerate and caring rather than hateful, lonely deviants like Danny Roscoe.

After Danny Roscoe shot and killed three innocent dogs, the '
community came together to remember these animals, which
were God's creatures. God will remember them for their
kindness. He will also remember Danny Lee Roscoe and what
a horrific thing he did and deal with him.

Offender: Danny Lee Roscoe
Address: 2062 Pell Road, Westfield NC 27053
Race: White
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 04/08/1979
Age at sentencing: 37
Commitment Type: Probation
Conviction Date: 01/26/2017
County Of Conviction: Stokes County, NC
Term: 12 months per count
Docket #: 16050260
(There were originally 3 counts of CRUELTY TO ANIMALS)
Offense Date: 02/22/2016
Type: Misdemeanor (was originally charged with Felonies)
Sentences to be served concurrently (at the same time)