Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oregon: "It was the most horrible and traumatic experience I can ever remember" says woman after she and her dog attacked by a pit bull

OREGON -- Tristin Hardy posted on Facebook January 19, 2017

Little Winston and I were attacked by a pit bull last Sunday. It's a miracle that Winston is not only alive but should make a full recovery. I also came away with "only" bad scrapes, bruises, bitten through the finger and nail and sore neck and back.

It was the most horrible and traumatic experience I can ever remember.

Poor little Winston has a bad case of whip lash and back pain, puncture wounds, abrasions, and lots of missing hair. He is on 5 medications but getting better every day. He will get chiropractic work when he has healed more. The pit bull had Winston's head and shoulders in her mouth.

We were out for our morning 3 mile walk/jog in a decent neighborhood. The dog came at us from a few houses away. I scooped Winston up but the dog knocked me down and grabbed Winston with me in the middle, twice.

I am so very thankful that the Angels were looking out for us and we got away. It's been a tough week but so glad we are alive and on the mend. Horrific as it was, the outcome is the closest thing to a miracle I have personally experienced.

MaryLynn Huckeba - Wow! Hope you called animal control. Could you imagine if that would have happened to a kid walking a dog? Hope you both get well soon!

Kristy Temple Drum - omgosh!! So sorry! I am so glad you are on the mend! How traumatic and awful....cannot understand why folks want dogs like this! What if you were a child walking by??

Joan McClellan - So sorry this happened to you and Winston! After a similar experience with a neighbors pit bull many years ago, attacking my horses in their stalls and my cat, I still have flashbacks.. Horses survived with most of their nostrils torn to pieces, the cat didn't.

Tristin Hardy - Ugh, that's awful

Ginger Endreson - So sorry, very scary !! So glad you will both be ok!!!

Gail Bott - Been there with my old dog & a young pit that jumped fence. I kept her @ bay with my outstretched foot but all if a sudden she went for my old dog. Had him down & mouth @ his throat in seconds. I dropped my other dogs leash & grabbed pit by scruff of neck. Thankfully owner heard what was happening & got her from me. After a full exam by me, my dog seemed ok except for all of us being shaken.

An hr later i was rubbing his neck & found blood. Took to vet. Here that fast she had torn open his neck but internally more than externally so i couldn't see the wound. Closed the wound & antibiotics.

He recovered but I could have lost my dog that day. Lived in neighborhood for 15 yrs & always walked my dogs & child. A very child populated neighborhood!! This was a new neighbor. Had to call police to get her to pay vet bill. Smh

Tristin Hardy - I'm glad it turned out ok

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