Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tennessee: Chattanooga Woman Cornered By Aggressive Pit Bull

TENNESSEE -- One Chattanooga woman is happy to be alive after a frightening encounter with a pit bull.

The animal had her cornered on her own front porch.

Cathy Ryan was simply sitting at the foot of her home when she noticed a pit bull, with tags, coming down the street.

When the dog approached, that’s when things went south.

” And when I got up thinking you know I go look at the tag. I got up and I told my husband. ‘Come and look at this beautiful beast’ and when I did it come up on the porch with me. All teeth, jaws and pinned me up between my light fixture and my door knob it was not gonna let me in that house,” said Cathy Ryan.

This attack comes days after yet another pit bull killed one child and injured two others in Atlanta, spiking up the numbers yet again for fatal dog attacks.

Recent statistics from show 82 percent of fatal dog bites come from Pit bulls, with Rottweilers coming in a strong second.

Because of these attacks, some cities have already banned ownership of this particular breed, but according to Ryan, it’s not always the dog’s fault.

“All dog owners should take care of their dogs. It’s not the pit bull’s fault, it’s the owners,” said Ryan.

As far as a visual goes, Ryan describes this local pit bull as having a similar body shape as shown here, but blue in color and with a white star going down its chest.

She also tells News 12 that is has already bothered some of their neighbors as well.

If you have any information about the pit bull’s whereabouts or know its owner, contact your local animal rescue team.

(WDEF News 12 - Jan 23, 2017)