Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Texas: Beloved Aussie named Macky mauled to death in front of his owners - who were also attacked - by two loose pit bulls

TEXAS -- Katherine Lower‎ posted on Facebook January 3, 2017

Lavaughn,I hope and pray it is not true that Macky died as a result of a pit bull attack. Please say it's not so. If it is my heart is breaking for you!

Lavaughn Morris - It is true. They came up on my porch and Macky was protecting me he had a leash on and the pit bulls came off the street. I got multiple cuts and bruises with only 4 stitches. Dwane same but little finger will not move - may be nerve not sure yet. Bottom line Macky passed away about 930ish at vet in Mansfield. My son stayed with him since we were at ER

Katherine Lower - I am so sorry you and Dwayne and Macky were attacked! You both will be in my prayers for a quick physical recovery. I know that there is nothing I can say to ease the pain of losing Macky. So awful Lavaughn.

Lavaughn Morris posted on Facebook January 4, 2017

My Macky's bed with some of his toys My heart hurts so bad. Miss him so much. Just thankful he is out of pain

Deborah Smith - So sorry for you and Dwane, I know you both loved him and I enjoyed all the pictures you would post of Macky!! Love and prayers

Jo Linda Moore - Bless your heart , prayers for you

Teresa Autry Varnell - Thoughts and praying for you guys! Many special memories of Mackey! Gonna miss your posts of him!

Lavaughn Morris posted on Facebook January 9, 2017

Animal control let us know today that both dog heads that attacked us was negative [for rabies].  So thankful for this


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