Sunday, January 1, 2017

Virginia: Woman and her Shiba Inu puppy attacked by pit bull. Owners lied to her and said the dog had "never done anything like this before"

VIRGINIA -- Caitlin Kinsey posted on Facebook, December 23, 2016 ·

Lately I've put a good few posts up about our new [Shiba Inu] puppy. I know it seems like I talk about him a lot, but right now I'm going to say he's curled up in bed next to me, and I'm thanking God for that.

Because at about 7 pm tonight, I was taking him to do his business...and that's when he was attacked by a full-grown pit bull. I had no time, he was on us in less than 2 seconds. Next thing I know, my baby is yelping and screaming, on his back underneath this monster.

I was terrified, but I knew I couldn't lose him, I couldn't let this happen. I dove between them, doing my best to push the dog away. I was able to get him off, and Roshi ran for it, but the dog dove back onto him again. Jon was inside and didn't even hear it, I was alone against this dog.

The dog ran down the street, and I knew I had to call the police. I'll be hearing from animal control tomorrow. We washed all the grime off him, and by some miracle, it looks like he only has one scratch and it isn't bleeding. It's a minor wound. Right now, he's resting and I'll be getting him to the vet as soon as possible just to be sure.

Just last night, I found out something that not only made me angry, but made Jon pretty pissed, too. Some people probably remember pretty well that back before Thanksgiving, our puppy (who also happens to be my support animal), was attacked by a pit bull. Old news, I dealt with it and spoke to the owners.

What I didn't know, or rather what the owners failed to tell me, was that the pit bull had attacked two other animals before. I guess they got scared when I got banged up, because I'm a human and that makes it a much bigger deal. They even told me they knew the gate was broken, they just didn't want to pay for it(it was supposed to be their landlord's responsibility to pay, supposedly). They never told me their pit had attacked before! 

If I'd known then that this has happened before, I would not have hesitated to press charges. That dog is a danger to the people living here. Jon took Roshi out one evening to do his business, and when he came back in he told me how the pit had jumped against the gate trying to get out. The only thing about this situation that makes me happy is the simple fact that those people and their stupid monster of a dog are moving after the New Year. Thank God.

I met the owner of the pit bull on Friday, before Jon and I left for a weekend with my family. First, I wanted to be assured that the gate would be fixed and that this would NOT happen again. He promised me that he had called someone out to fix it and it was 100% secure. I've seen the work since we spoke, it looks secure. He is also still keeping the pit bull inside his home instead of behind the fence, which I think he did as a show of remorse for the incident, because I did not ask him to do it.

He also completely understood why I had to call the police and animal control. A few people have been suggesting that maybe the dog just wanted to play; I mentioned this to him and he laughed. He told me that dog doesn't know how to play, it's never been socialized in its life, and that the more likely cause was simply that the dog felt its territory was being violated. We had a very civil talk, and hopefully I'll be able to put this completely behind me soon.

As for the people who suggested the dog was playing, I have something to say. I understand trying to look on the bright side, but even if it was playing, it does not change the fact that a 65 lb. full-grown pit bull pinned my 11.5 lb. 4 month old Shiba Inu to the ground. Twice. Plain and simple, my puppy could've died. I'm just so relieved that he's okay physically and mentally.


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