Friday, February 3, 2017

Arkansas: Wilma Allen, 68, Accused Of Aggravated Animal Cruelty

ARKANSAS -- An elderly woman is accused of felony aggravated animal cruelty after nearly 10 malnourished dogs, a malnourished horse and dead dogs were reportedly found in a residence she was renting.

Wilma Pauline Allen, 68, is facing a felony aggravated animal cruelty charge. She was arrested Thursday (Feb. 2) and was released from the Sebastian County Detention Center the same day without bond.

Deputies were dispatched to the scene after a woman reported an animal cruelty matter at a rental home in the 4300 block of Mount Zinechie Road, an arrest report states.

The woman told deputies she saw a horse outside the home that looked as if it was about to die. She also reported several dogs at the home were malnourished, according to the report.

Deputies stated in an arrest report that when they arrived at the home they could immediately smell decaying flesh, trash, feces and urine.

The door to the residence was wrapped in cords to keep shut. While waiting for someone inside the open to answer the door, a deputy went to the malnourished horse and found no food in sight. A bucket was nearby and the deputy filled it with water for the horse to drink, the report states.

A deputy stated in the report he found a plastic bag with what appeared to be an animal skull.

The tenant, Allen, wasn’t home, but the homeowner gave a deputy permission to go inside. Eight dogs were inside the residence. Some could barely walk because they too, were malnourished.

Dead dogs were also found in the residence, according to the report.

A deputy was able to contact Allen through her family, and she agreed to meet authorities at the home on Mt. Zineche Road.

According to the report, Allen told a deputy she took two dogs from the home and didn’t care what happened to the remaining animals.

All of the dogs seized were taken to the Sebastian County Humane Society. The horse seized was taken by 4M Ranch.

(5News - Feb 3, 2017)