Sunday, February 12, 2017

Australia: Cat skewered with an arrow in vile attack - as animal welfare groups desperately try to save injured feline

AUSTRALIA -- Animal welfare groups are desperately searching for a ginger cat with an arrow pierced through its body.

A disturbing picture of a cat with an arrow protruding from its side has been issued by the RSPCA, who hold grave fears for the feline's wellbeing.

The distressed cat was last seen in Brisbane's Lange Court at Calamvale on Thursday, reports Brisbane Times.

'It's still very agile, so that's the very difficult part,' RSPCA Queensland metro inspector Yorick Walburgh Schmidt said.

'I saw it up close and was able to take a photo, but it ran off. It does seem to be in pain, because it was miaowing.'

A woman had reported seeing the cat run down a storm drain after her neighbour had attempted to catch it.

Mr Walburgh Schmidt said he expected the popularity of shows such as Walking Dead and Hunger Games had driven a surge in arrow attacks in recent years.

 'We have seen an increase in relation to that, but it's usually brush turkeys we see it with,' he said.

My guess is that it's a teenaged boy in this neighborhood who has done this. 

He has urged anyone who saw the stricken animal to come forward and contact RSPCA Queensland.

(Daily Mail - Feb 9, 2017)