Saturday, February 4, 2017

Georgia: Lawrence Allen, 28, pleads guilty to slamming his dog onto the ground repeatedly, breaking its leg

GEORGIA -- A Grovetown man who broke his dog's leg pleaded guilty Thursday to cruelty to animals.

Several witnesses reported seeing and hearing Lawrence A. Allen, 28, raise the dog over his head and slam it to the porch floor repeatedly, breaking its leg.

Allen entered his plea in Columbia County Superior Court. Judge Daniel J. Craig sentenced Allen to five years probation under the conditions he pay the county $2,200 for boarding and medical care for the dog, and that he give up any rights to the dog.

The dog has since been adopted.


At the time of the incident, Allen was active duty. He has since received an honorable discharge, said defense attorney William Suss­man.

(Columbia County News Times - Jan 29, 2017)